Please welcome our new advertiser

Now, some have said that MacHeist is an exploitation of indie Mac developers, but these rumors have been spread by scurrilous sites such as…

…uh, this one.

Anyway, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have MacHeist as a sponsor for the next four days for their “Week of Sweatshop Mac Developers.”


Oh. I’m sorry. That’s their “Week of Independent Mac Developers.”

Please welcome MacHeist!

21 thoughts on “Please welcome our new advertiser”

  1. MacHeist, you want to rethink this decision. I mean, do you know what kind of people hang out here?

  2. Moltz,

    As part of the CARS 5 anniversary celebration can we get the Mega-Post back for all the n00bs who never got a chance to read it. Plus I think we left Bill (or at least Bill’s corpse) there, and I miss him 🙁

  3. Do any of the countries Macheist is involved with play Rugby? If not. I thought they (and yoru readers) would enjoy this update.

    England lose in blind semi-final

    England’s adventure at the blind World Cup ended at the semi-final stage with a five-wicket defeat against India.

    Batting first, England kept wickets in hand, but failed to score quickly enough, posting 209-5 from their 40 overs.

    Rory Field top-scored with 72, while Andy Powers added 50.

    In reply India suffered an early wobble, slumping to 30-2 after five overs, but recovered to reach their target with 10 overs to spare.

    Andy Powers, Tim Guttridge and David Townley took a wicket apiece and there were two run outs.

    England’s Nathan Foy was philosophical in defeat and chose to look forward, commenting: “We have a centre of young players, so hopefully in four years time the trophy will be ours.”

    With no third-place play-off, England claimed the bronze medal position, equalling their best finish in the competition, as they defeated the other losing semi-finalists Australia in the group stages.

    India will now face rivals Pakistan in Saturday’s final.

  4. 15! Go Indie Mac developers!

    Developers developers developers developers developers!

    ah Steve Ballmer… how did you ever get to be CEO of Microsoft?!

  5. I see where England went wrong: when you’re batting it is best to keep bat in hand rather than the wickets. An easy mistake to make.

  6. Ok some bitch just used my toothbrush and stole my MacBook Pro. Now, I’m not holding anything against the new guy, but I find it odd just hours after MacHEIST shows up my MacBook Pro gets stolen.

    Coincidence!? I think not.

  7. Excuse me, but what exactly does MacHeist have to be ashamed of? If they’re an aboveboard company, why are they hiding part of their | banner behind the sidebar? Huh?

    I’ll bet that part of the banner has a full frontal erect Zune and a splayed, dripping Vista, too.

    C’mon. We’re chronologically adults. We can take it. Let’s see it.

  8. Is MacHeist responsible for the style sheets being all screwed up? The page keeps loading with a white background and wierd fonts on my computer.

  9. I got this zune download that is a blast. i am glad microsoft is catching up. I know they get a lot of flack but i like them

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