17 May 07Fadell Has Screaming Tantrum.

In a disappointing sign of Apple’s executive team’s ability to effectively manage the company, senior vice president of the iPod division Tony Fadell had what child psychologists call “a tantrum” this afternoon.

According to sources, when told that his division would not be receiving the revenue for the iPhone upon its release, Fadell stomped his feet in protest.

“But it’s an iPod!” Fadell said. “It plays music!”

“Well,” CEO Steve Jobs explained gently, “So does the Mac. But the iPhone’s in a category of its own. For the time being, [COO] Tim [Cook]’s going to get the revenue.”

“But it’s an iPod!” whined an increasingly pouty Fadell.

“Uh, no it’s not,” Jobs said.

“Is so, is so, IS SO!” Fadell yelled, dropping to the floor and pounding it with his fists.

“It’s not really his fault,” Jobs said. “He had a lot of sugar earlier and didn’t get a nap.”

But Fadell isn’t the only executive with maturation issues. According to sources:

  • Tim Cook “acts out” in senior staff meetings.
  • Ron Johnson is on ritalin.
  • Donald Rosenberg sometimes doesn’t “use his words.”
  • Bertrand Serlet runs like a girl.

Apple’s stock dropped five points on the news, without the help of Engadget.

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  1. redeyebase says:


  2. redeyebase says:

    oh, my, Bertrand.. how could you?

  3. redeyebase says:

    everyone watching Lost, eh?

  4. Rip Ragged says:

    I don’t watch Lost. I am lost.

    Top ten. Screw accuracy.

    I think this post is childish and retrograde. As a result, I cannot continue to support such buffoonery. As soon as I find Mr. Binky and get my jammies on, I’m going to bed.

    Nighty night.

  5. John Moltz says:

    Huh? Lost was on last night.

  6. Carl says:

    With iTMS, every night is Lost night, dog.

  7. Ace Deuce says:

    At least he doesn’t throw like a girl. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  8. OMGHAX says:

    Tim Cook “acting out?” Does that have something do to with him becoming a Giant?

    Lost? Crap! I forgot to watch last weeks episode too! Oh well, maybe that means that John Locke won’t die yet. I can bring everyone back!

  9. Carbonfish says:

    Okay, this number nine shit is starting to get tedious!

  10. redeyebase says:

    o forgive… was it the ducks?

  11. Devon Shaw says:

    Twelvesies. Or is it twelvsies? Safari is underlining them both in red. 🙁

  12. Carbonfish says:

    Allright, so where are all the guys from the other side of the puddle to pick up the slack? This lack of participation is troubling. I’m thinking that everybody’s spending spending waaaaaay too much time in those smelly tunnels. Too many elephants, not enough Sexbots for my tastes…

  13. chouffie says:

    Huh me just wakie wakie mmmmm fadell… ipod… COO… jammies heehee hmmmm just five more minutes and i’m comin out of bed, OK?

  14. Nxxx says:

    As I forgot to check in earlier, it is my turn to have a tantrum.

    I’m going to hold my breath until I die and then you’ll be sorry.

    Knowing you buggers, you wont be.

    So I wont.

  15. UhhhDude says:

    There are times when I need a time out.

    Then again, there are times when I need an iPhone, too.

  16. Step says:

    Heh. Just wait till Engadget gets ahold of this, then I’ll really get my Apple buying opportunity.

    Wait, you already got an Engadget cheapshot in. Drat!

    Just pretend I offered some witty yet inane (WYI) comment in the space above, will you? Back to sleep…

  17. Del says:

    But what about the ponies?
    Won’t someone think of the ponies?

  18. Rip Ragged says:

    Witty Yet Inane (WYI). Almost. It’s short, sweet, accurate, but doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like, “Vista Sucks.”

    I’m still looking for the purest distillation of the CARS experience.

  19. Sr.Matsui says:

    All the names were changed to protect the innocent. For example: “Tim Cook” is “Thomas”.

  20. blank says:

    Throw all the tantrums you like, you’re still not using my toothbrush!

  21. Anomynous says:


  22. kingthedestroyer says:

    Fadell is right, iPhone is really an iPod, with a really nice screen for watching videos on. If I can just keep those numbers out of the way, and what’s this ringing noise it keeps making, damn, guess I’ll have to send it back.Ä

  23. doppelf says:

    Am I the only one who read “maturation issues” as masturbation issues?

    I am?

    Very well, then. Carry on.

  24. Doc Wolfram says:

    And an even two dozen!

  25. Huh? says:

    For the purest distillation of the CARS experience, I believe one must lick Moltzs’ armpits.
    That’s one place I’m just not gonna go.

    Besides, he might like it.

  26. Rip Ragged says:

    Moltz’s armpits? You go first.


    No you aren’t the only one. In 1968 my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap for just thinking that.

    Beer time.

  27. Leibnitz, N. says:

    What’s ‘Lost’?

    While we’re at it, what iPhone revenue? And where’s the freakin’ iMac upgrades?

    And Chuck Norris used to win matches with what was then referred to as a ‘wedge shot’.

    Okay, done now…

    Ooops! 27!

  28. Too all-beef patty says:

    TSO. Titallating sophomoric overacheivers.

    That’s been my distilled CARS experience, at least since I quit drinking.


    (is it worth posting 24 hours late? I feel so inadequate.)

  29. Too all-beef patty says:

    (3^3) + 2.

  30. Leibnitz, N. says:

    Maybe 28, but life is uncertain.

    The one before, I mean. This one is 29.

    I think.

    Therefore, I am.

    Oh, crap…

  31. Leibnitz, N. says:

    Okay, if I lead this one a bit, give it a bit of windage, allow for global warming and planetary rotation, I think I got it:


  32. Leibnitz, N. says:


  33. Leibnitz, N. says:

    One more time!


  34. Too all-beef patty says:

    Sorry, it’s titillating.

    A formidable word worthy of accurate spelling.

  35. Too all-beef patty says:

    Leib: it’s Friday night and there is a special on numbers, three for a dollar.