iPhone News Good News For Mac Fans.

In an encouraging sign that iPhone news may finally be petering out, the biggest piece of news today surrounding Apple’s new cell phone was that the company announced that it would be releasing a new iPhone bag.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced iPhoneBag 2.0, a follow-up to the signature iPhone launch bag.

“We heard you, Jobs said. “We know how much you liked the bag in which the iPhone came in and, bam, we’ve got a new bag, due out by late July.”

The new bag will include upgraded handle with a greater thread count in the all-cotton handles, higher-resolution printing, a glossier varnish overprinting, and sturdier paper.

“The iPhoneBag 2.0 will last you through the two-year contract required to obtain the bag,” Jobs said.

“Finally some iPhone news that I really couldn’t care less about,” said Macworld senior editor Chris Breen.

“I’ll tell you, I actually threw my bag out. I really did. Without even thinking about it.”

When pushed, Breen admitted that he threw out the bag for the second iPhone he purchased. The first he’s keeping in a pristine “mint in the bag” condition on a shelf in his office.

“This is going to be a collector’s item some day,” Breen said, somewhat defensively.

“Actually, you know what? It already is.”

But the Mac community universally welcomed the news that iPhone news just isn’t news anymore.

“OK!” exclaimed an exasperated Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software. “Let’s all just go back to talking about the Macintosh because everyone already has an iPhone now. So, it’s not news!

“Eeyup. Everyone but me, that is.

“Soo, let’s just talk about the Mac. You all remember the Mac, right?”

Apple declined to comment for this story but got a blank look on its face when asked about the Mac.