Client Development Night.

Well, screw this.

Moltz is out there driving through the desert with a talking dog and a mescaline-induced vision of one of the seminal Mac pundits of the previous decade and I’m sitting here on my ass scrolling through emails from and watching my Lancelot Link DVD.

He left Thor in charge but here’s the thing about the great Thor Samson. He’s smart, powerful, well connected and good looking in a “I don’t roll that way but if I did…” kind of way. But he’s not exactly what you’d call “focused”. One minute he’s talking about how we’re going to redesign the site and make it all Web 2.0 with a state-of-the-art content management system and lasers and shit and the next he’s rolling in a pile of twenties with four Swedish flight attendants smeared in butter.

And he’s not even an employee! He’s a contributing columnist! Ugluk even has seniority!

Not that he wants to get into management. I think he’s more interested in the Shaman position we have open. The hours are better. And he’s already got the cave bear head.

But anyway, like I said, screw this.

I’m taking a mess of ones out of petty cash and I’m doing some client development tonight. Me and Kafasis and Shipley and Thomason and that other dude are going to some strip joints.

So if you rumor monkeys want to get your fix, maybe you can get your jollies on this, which reliable sources say is… from the future.

Really, they said that.

And these were the guys who totally predicted iPod Socks. Seriously. They nailed it.