20 Jan 08More delicious Macworld content! And low fat!

Macworld Expo may be other, but you can still read about it over and over and over and over and over again.

Here’s the second part of my Two-Part Macworld Trilogy on Macworld.com.

And if you’re already bleeding from your eyes from reading too much Macworld coverage, you can hear me dish the latest rumor in this podcast with Macworld’s Philip Michaels. Why should your eyes do all the suffering?!

No Responses to “More delicious Macworld content! And low fat!”

  1. Coolhandluke says:


  2. Jay in the iom says:

    Never two?


  3. Jay in the iom says:

    Can I just use my early posting power to say….

    Gin and Tonic.

    better than sexbots if you ask me.

    iGnT, now that’s an application I could get behind.

    (PS, my wife would like to point out that she’s better than Gin and tonic, and therefore better than sexbots too. Just to clear that up. Oh yes, and I’d like to point out that I agree)

  4. Jay in the iom says:





  5. Jay's Wifey says:




  6. scared monster, also known as Living Proof Of Something, Surely, says:

    Gym socks, really.
    And you want us to believe you’ve been in a fraternity ? Even studied something ?

    Ham sandwiches ? Pre-internet Porn magazines ? Pen chewing related deseases ?

    No way.
    You’re far better than that.

    And, top 7.

  7. Al @ Work (Working hard, or hardly working?) says:

    My Eyes! Ze googles, Zey do nahsink!

    And 8!

  8. Biff Whammy says:

    Philip Michaels works for Macworld? So that’s what he’s been up to since Miami Vice was cancelled …

  9. Carl says:

    The power of 11 compels you.

  10. Seano says:

    in a base 3 world i’d be #5

  11. Apple Lopsider says:

    Macworld? Pshh, I don’t care about that anymore.

  12. Huh? says:

    Listen, mister. I know Jim, and his socks aren’t THAT bad.
    Unless of course he’s been running around with no shoes, then they get kinda nasty…


    Oh…. GYM socks….

  13. CB says:

    Not fair! Not fair! I strike. *WAY* too much Moltz. Moderation dear boy, moderation.

  14. zacksback says:

    I thought there was a writers strike on.
    Oh, this is not ‘writing’ – got it.

  15. Carbonfish says:

    Well this is truly something. CARS on a week-end?

    It’s cold here, but not Hell-freezes-over cold…

  16. Larry says:

    “Macworld may be other…” Ummm, other what?

  17. Nxxx says:

    I really must learn to read properly and work on my attention……………who are you?

  18. Psyko says:

    But, but, he called you a LIAR master!


  19. Ace Deuce says:

    John. every time you go on air it erodes the mystique. Which is fine by me, but I thought you should know.

  20. Nxxx says:

    Hysterical laughter.

  21. Del says:

    I know I’m a bad bad person. I’ve been causing much distress among the local Mac community. I can’t help it, it is SOOOO much fun to taunt them.

    Every time I hear the “It’s the world’s thinest laptop” I can’t help replying “No it’s the 3rd thinest laptop”. The thinest laptop (Sharp Actius MM10 .54″ thick) even managed to get an ethernet port, 2 usb ports and a PCMCIA slot in it’s svelte frame.

    I’d be worried that acting like this would send me to Mac hell, but since I installed Xp on my Macbook Pro I figure I’m going there anyway. I may at least enjoy the ride.

  22. Chris says:

    I wonder why Del bought a MacBook Pro.

  23. Del says:

    Cuz it’s shiny 🙂

  24. Ace Deuce says:

    Bootcamp or Parallels or VMWare?

    Dark chocolate or milk chocolate or white chocolate?

  25. D0c Wolfram says:

    Dark. Definitely dark chocolate. And maybe a glass of merlot.

  26. D0c Wolfram says:

    Antioxidants, you know?

  27. Del says:

    Dark Chocolate preferably something 90% or higher.

    Combination Parallels/Bootcamp.

  28. Huh? says:

    Shiny as in ‘Oh, I need my sunglasses.’
    Or shiny as in ‘Oooo Shiny!’?

    Just curious about the context.

  29. iMoo says:

    oh look, hiny!

  30. Huh? says:

    Ah! Now it makes sense….

    Aren’t you up past your bedtime iMoo?

  31. Streetrebbit says:

    Gee! I hate skinny people. Why can’t they have fat laps like everyone else?

    Who’s gonna make a computer for the fat lapped?

    They’ll be charging us for two seats on a plane next….

    Oh! Wait. They already do.

  32. Del says:

    “Oooo Shiny” of course. Is there any other kind?

  33. Psyko says:

    Streetrebbit, (where’s rabbit?)

    That just means you get one per leg. Rejoice!


  34. Mal says:

    There certainly is!

  35. Rip Ragged says:

    Hey wait. If they charge you for two seats, do you get two bags of peanuts? Two free glasses of lukewarm Diet Pepsi? Man, that would be cool.

  36. Ace Deuce says:

    So Rip, lukewarm=cool?

    Does lukecool=warm?

    Expiring minds want to know.

  37. Apple Lopsider says:

    “So Rip, lukewarm=cool?”

    No, Ace, you’re using the assignment operator for a comparison. The answer to a question worded in that fashion would be “yes” even if you asked “does 1=0?” What you want to ask is:

    “So Rip, lukewarm==cool?”