Desperately Seeking Johnny

I regret to inform you that my podcast effort – This Week In Daring Fireball – has been canceled. This was to be the follow-up to CARS but, sadly, I was unable to secure funding. The New York Yankees had shown interest in sponsoring the show, but backed out after I refused to work with Don Mattingly.

He’s just a dick.

Anyway, you can listen to the first and only episode here (1.7mb MP3).

Oh, and CARS is still on hiatus.
If you, like so many people, are jonesing for Johnny, you might try the virtual or physical pages of Macworld.

66 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Johnny”

  1. Why not write CARS *while* zooming around on a jet-pack? Then we’d all be happy. And you could infiltrate the underground bunker of a lazy-eyed evil genius at the same time. Three for one. It seems so obvious now I’ve said it.

  2. JFC on jetpack leading a vast horde of lesbian ninja sexbots.
    Just to keep things in perspective.
    Oh. Free Cake too.

  3. Hi Dearie,

    I think that you forgot to include the footnotes in your nice little article for that Mac World magazine. There are the little superscript “1” and “2”, but no explanation below. Remember to always include your footnotes!

    And, honey? I hope you’re wearing clean underwear. You know what I always remind you.

    I hope you’ll be home for Memorial Day. We’ll have cake. I know you always like your cake.


  4. The mystery is explained. John’s pulling a Dvorak! Drive hits to a reputable web site article by appealing to the lemmings of the one real true site. Wait a minute, wait a minute! John Moltz Dvorak! And here I thought it was Grüber.

  5. Hey. who said you could post without warning us?

    Oh, sorry.

    How ’bout them (Sub)Mariners?

  6. A miserable twenty-eight. Probably thirty-one by the time I get round to clicking the track ball.
    Oh and welcome back Master, we are not worthy.

  7. The big Three-Oh!

    You know, Moltz, you could cover jet packs on a revitalized Crazy Apple Rumors blog. Just an idea.

    And, uh… where did you get that cake you’re eating?

  8. Nice to see that you can still post…well back to the salt mines.É

  9. So this whole thing has been a dream? I want my sexbots now, then , damnit!

  10. There’s no need for jet packs on the iPhone, but I wouldn’t mind having an iPod dock added to my jet packs.


    The Rocketeer

  11. I read that article without looking at the byline first and almost immediately had the strange feeling that I had been there before. Sure enough.

  12. What the god damn hell is this “intended for mature audiences” crap?!

    I take complete offense at that!

    (see GSP, LLC tag at bottom – WTF!?)

    ; )

  13. What is going on. I was expecting to see the usual boasting about being the 18th post. Or whether or not the Macworld article was the Real Moltz vs the Fake Moltz and someone done came and moved the furniture around, changed the light fixtures and put in fresh linen. Granted the old stuff was what the Thrift store rejected……

  14. Hang on . . . what’s going on with the new layout?

    Hiatus my arse.


    Hmmm: that sounds like a Bond baddie.

    Or ‘Ihaitusmyarse’.

    That’s probably more accurate, alas.

    Am I still typing this?

  15. John, please, I’m begging you, use a different theme. The current one is too stark, the hierarchical levels are too similar, the link color is nearly black. IT HURTS MY EYES!

    At the very least you could steal the one from Darling Furball. It’s legible and easy on the eyes. Just substitute your traditional puke green color and you’d be set.

  16. No. Maybe I’ll change the link color. Maybe I won’t.

    I really just wanted something that would load a lot slower. And I think I’ve accomplished that.

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