We’re off next week

But we’ll leave this thread open for you to talk amongst yourselves. Please take this as an opportunity to bond with your fellow Mac users.
Jeez, this place is going to be on fire when we come back, isn’t it.

1,060 thoughts on “We’re off next week”

  1. *Still kneeling on ground, looks up at Nurse Annie*
    *tongue hangs out of mouth and Thomas gives Nurse Annie a goofey look while she talks*
    *With Cheeze Whiz still covering his lips he slowly tries to stand on wobbly knees*
    Mmmm. Mmmm. M. Mmm. Fins. mmmuffinnnns. Good. Yes. Muffins are goooood.
    *giggles and wobbly knees give way as Thomas falls back to ground*
    *Looks at Nurse Annie’s cleavage and has goofey grin on face*

  2. *Slowly turns away from Thomas and begins to walk away while swinging her hips oh so slowly*
    *Turns her head over her shoulder*
    Well, Mr. Thomas, you are quiet the sophisticated conversationalist aren’t you?
    You certainly have a way with women.
    *winks at Thomas and then walks slowly away swinging those hips*
    Oh Cia, oh Huck, come out and play with Nurse Annie won’t you?

  3. Marv: Well, Bob.
    Bob: Yes, Marv.
    Marv: Looks like we got back just in time.
    Bob: Yes, Marv, we certainly did.
    Marv: These cranberry muffins are fantastic, so light and yet so flavorful
    Bob: Marv
    Marv: Yes, Bob.
    Bob: I thought you were talking about Nurse Annie, I’d swear it was time I had a physical.
    Marv: Bob, I think we did miss coverage of that 1000th post.
    Bob: Yes, Marv, but wasn’t it more fun being where we went to
    Marv: I don’t remember a lot about where we’ve been Bob. Didn’t it have something to do with aliens?
    Bob: I think it did
    Marv: And balloons, I remember balloons.
    Bob: And don’t forget the speeches.
    Marv: I, I don’t really want to remember, do I.
    Bob: No Marv, you proobably don’t. Here have another muffin and take a gander at the gams on Nurse Annie
    Marv: Thanks, Bob. I feel better already.

  4. I’d like a tequila flavored muffin.
    Yum. These are really good. I’m scared to ask, but who baked them? No, I don’t want to know.
    Welcome back Thomas. I know the box was scary but Cai saved us from it by dumping it in another CARS post. Be careful if you are going through the archives. That box is deadly.

  5. hmmm…
    *munches of apple and cinnimon muffins*
    Hey Del-Del….I thought we’d get some traffic or at least a whole bunch of flames from the AtAT peeps – maybe they thing they’re too good for the Megapost…..
    Methinks we should declare war….invade the AtAT cupboard with cheez whizz ninja lesbians……heh!
    Cherry muffin anyone?

  6. When will John close down the mega post. I’m submitting a formal request to end this stupidity.

  7. DO YOU HAVE A SMALL MEGA-POST? Now naturally increase the size of your prose with no props, pumps, herbs or creams! Instantly add 3 inches to the length of your post!! Never more be ridiculed on the short length of your posts. Try our new iMuffin megapost extender RISK-FREE for 10 days or DOUBLE your cheez whiz back! Standard features include a 8 1/2 x 11 glossy poster of the teenage mutant kung-fu ninja midget lesbian sexbots doing their thang, for your literary inspiration. NOW with 30% MORE cheez whiz, all in three easy payments of $9.99 ! Stock is limited so ORDER NOW!!!!!!!!

  8. Ooooh where do I send my money/cheez whiz I want to order!
    Why isn’t there a link? I want to click and get that MegaPost extender. My MegaPost is a little on the small side.
    I hope it isn’t a lead in to Haiku. That works for awhile to extend the MegaPost, but it really begins to screw with your brain.
    AtAt’s email wasn’t working. They say it’s back up. That could be why we haven’t gotten a response yet. They may still be willing to help us take over.

  9. I dropped a payload into the AtAT forums…..
    oh well……*rubs hands*
    they shall pay…..paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    *hands Del some booze*
    *hands huck some booz*

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