Apple Working On Vaguely Tantalizing Device.

Highly placed sources in Apple hardware engineering indicate the company is currently in the prototyping stage on a vaguely tantalizing device. The new device is said to be round with buttons, has a unique user interface, and will come in multiple colors.

Unless it’s square with rounded corners, in which case it’ll be monochrome and have a set of knobs.

Still, several initial versions of the device have been seen around the Apple campus that are triangular and have a microphone jack and are jet black, so we can’t rule that out. At this point, though, sources were able to thoroughly debunk rumors that the device is shaped like a rhombus and has two switches and a tiny joy stick.

Unless trapezoids and rhombuses are the same thing in which case all bets are off.

One thing is clear. All sources agree that the device is a new form of music player that will also play digital movies.

Except for those who believe it’s a cell phone.

And a couple of guys swear it’s a tablet PC.

And, well, for the sake of completeness, one guy says it’s a pan flute, but we’re pretty sure he’s just yanking us.

Steve Jobs is expected to introduce the device at January’s Macworld San Francisco, or maybe next year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference.

But introduction at an Apple event some time in between or after is not out of the question.

Apple declined to comment on any vaguely tantalizing devices it may or may not be working on, but did indicate it was working on things, by which the company means new products which will be released at some time in the future.

Which may or may not be vaguely tantalizing devices themselves. So in the company’s very refusal to confirm the existence of a vaguely tantalizing device that it is currently prototyping, it hinted at it’s existence.

So, to sum up…