"New" iBooks Actually Old iBooks With Faster Processors.

Apple announced “new” iBooks yesterday with much fanfare and they have largely been well-received in the Mac community.

But upon further inspection of evaluation units received by Crazy Apple Rumors Site, these “new” iBooks appear merely to be old iBooks with faster processors, pre-installed Airport Extreme cards and larger hard drive options.

CARS’ results were also confirmed by other sources.

Putting an “old” iBook next to a “new” iBook, the New York Times’ David Pogue said “Look. They’re exactly the same. You can’t even tell they’re different until you crack it open with a chisel and look inside.

“That could void your warranty, though. There’s probably another way to check. But I don’t know what it is.”

Thinking for a minute, Pogue added “I guess you could turn it on. I’ve never done that, though. Is it this little round button here?”

At any rate, Pogue refused to call the iBooks “new”, as did Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury News.

“Clearly the iBooks are not new,” Gillmor said. “Apple is pushing the same old tired design on its users.

“With, um, new processors, larger hard drives and pre-installed Airport Extreme cards.”

Apple has refused to address the controversy, even going so far as to trumpet the “new” iBooks on the company’s web site. Several class action lawsuits are in the works.

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    I can see it now, “You have been using Crazy Apple Rumors Site for 678 days, would you like to register and keep shareware development alive?” I mean, I finally couldn’t take the guilt of Graphic Converter, and I can’t live with out Xounds…but this is a step too far.

    What’s next? An open letter to Apple about stealing the emphasis of rumor-mongerers everywhere by announcing future products? Huh?

    Next thing you know, they’ll be charging for Movable-Type. Money-Grubers!!!!

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    All except you, Pogue. I prefer my iBooks to be functional.

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