Nothing today

Apparently we don’t have to be called in to vote again because the e-vote machines failed as I suggested would happen the other day.

But, from what I understand, that’s only because we voted by mail.

Still, no story today, eh, because it’s my birthday.

See you Monday.

54 thoughts on “Nothing today”

  1. 51… President John Moltz’s true age next year.

    Moltz is sooo cooool! Thank you for all the entertainment you have given me and my sexbots.

    and Last

  2. What they do with Scrubs every year is sort of pick a hottie of the season…in Season 1 it was Elizabeth Bogush, Season 2 it was Heather AND Amy Smart, Season 3 was Tara “somebody tell me” Reid, and this year it’s Heather Graham.

    No, I don’t know who Elizabeth Bogush is, either. Well, she was funny and I liked her. Yeah, she’s no Amy Smart…but who is?

    Besides Amy Smart. She’s Amy Smart.

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