Apple Executive Reviews To All Be Fives.

Apple has curtailed the iPod Store’s practice of summarily assigning all Apple products a rating of five out of five but has implemented the same practice for executive reviews, which help determine compensation.

From now on, all Apple products in the iPod Store will not be rated, while Apple executives will all be given five stars out of five on their performance reviews.

“There was a lot of customer complaint about the iPod Store ratings of Apple products,” said Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller.

“You know… how they were really self-serving and talked down to our customers and were completely meaningless and just showed we can only get so close to being a truly customer-oriented company.

Any-hoo, we canned the store ratings, but we really liked the whole ‘We’ll tell you the rating!’ idea, so we said what if… what if… our executive reviews were all five out of five?”

According to sources, the executive group slipped the proposal to Steve Jobs in the form of a birthday card for Senior Vice President of the iPod Division Jon Rubinstein. The card featured a collection of whimsical animal characters by Sandra Boynton, each identified with the name of the Apple executive.

Jobs unknowingly signed the proposal and put his own name next to the little kitty.

Schiller shrugged off the deception.

“We do good work,” he said. “I’m sure Steve would have given us fives anyway. Just like Apple customers would give fives to all of our products.”

If not for a few na’er-do-wells, Schiller claimed, Apple would happily have allowed customers to rate the company’s products.

“We must constantly be vigilant for subversive PC elements within our very midsts. They seek to destroy our very way of life. That’s why we… uh… couldn’t allow people to rate… um…

“You know, I have a 3 o’clock, so…”

Schiller indicated that he is looking forward to his next review.

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  1. Wow

    Apple Evaluations work just like evaluations in Education. Evaluations of teachers and administrators, not students.

    I give John five out of five stars.

    (Doesn’t really mean anything when you think about it.)

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    (Sorry Moltz) If I want that elusive first post, I’ll need to reprioritize my life and tabs.

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  4. I give that five thumbs way up.

    Well, I would, except that one of them is up my butt.

    You really don’t want to know about the three extra thumbs, either.

  5. Well, they might get 5 stars, but the compensation scales still say they get their 2% raise. HR is trying to make sure people strive to get ahead in terms of new positions higher up in order to get a bigger raise. Does that mean they are trying to get the upper echelon to ‘eliminate’ Jobs to get a pay raise? Interesting…just what causes pancreatic cancer to begin with? Perhaps a small bit of radioactive rock placed in someone’s desk…hmmmmm…

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  9. This edition is not credible. You really think The Steve identifies himself with a little kitty (OS X names notwithstanding)?

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    John, did you read what Del wrote about you?

    I don’t think I am some bizarre alternate personality of John’s, but November raises an interesting point. (Now put your hat back on and sit down)

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    Considering further, your corollary may itself violate the First Law, in that it implies people are not using their “real” names.

    But what is real and as November cynically observes, who is real?

    AAAAAaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh… Brain overload!

  18. I don’t think any of the above posters read this article. Except for maybe Boynton and his kitty.

  19. Yes I did. kinda. Well I saw that there were no posters so I quickly scanned the article and wrote a haste commnet, AND ENDED UP FIFTH! So much for intellectual honesty.

    Law 2 Thouest mayn’t read the articles and score the first post.

    Anyway, I still commented on how like education the Apple Executive Evaluations are like. Do you have any idea how badly a superintendent has to fail before he gets anything less than a superior rating? I know of a district where the supe took the district to the brink of bankrupcy and retired with a pat on the back and a quarter million dollars in thank you money. Of course, in Education you give stellar evaluations to awful administrators to try to trick other districts into hiring your mistakes. I am actually not talking about formal evaluation which are highly secret, just the kind of thing where someone says, “Hey, I hear your superintendent is in trouble,” and we say, “No, no…He’s a great guy… a wonderfull leader. Say I have a fantastic idea…why don’t YOU hire him. “

  20. Boynton and HIS kitty???

    She’s a she. Sandra to be precise. Shocking for some of you I know, but true.

  21. I actually read the first couple of lines before posting. Then after I posted the first time I went and read the whole thing. Something about executives. The comments section really has little to do with the stories.

    Frankly, I don’t even understand why he writes anything in there anymore.

  22. Sure, I meant “Boynton and HER kitty,” but I figured someone would misinterpret what I said.

    I just don’t need any more sexual harassment lawsuits this year, ‘kay?

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    What’s not fair is that the articles are posted at about 4am my time so ive not much chance of getting first post. my life is so miserable and futile.

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