Oh, and one other thing. When Apple does announce the “headless” Mac, it won’t sell for less than $500 as you may have heard on some other rumor sites.

It’ll sell for less than $99.95.

Actually, I don’t have any sources on that. I just wanted to set the bar unreasonably high for them.

It’s just a thing we rumor sites have to do. I know it’s not sexbots, but I’m really kind of busy right now with the tentacles and the mayhem and the death rays and the guy in the little booth who’s hand-rolling free cigars and the Brazilian dancers who start at 8 PM, and the various other amenities.

And Apple legal? I’ve got the diagrams for the flash-based iPod in my pants.

Come get ’em.

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  1. *URP*




  2. Hey, hurting my friend Bellidancer (I think you hurt her (I hope she is a her)) is bad enough, but threatening Steve is over the top. If John doesn’t finish you off I swear I will make you suffer more than you will ever know. Yeah, that is right. I will MAKE you MEET Bill Gates and use Windows everyday of your life. Think about it.

  3. Tentaculous (note the spelling), did you eat the last piece of apple pie too? Because I was saving that for later. You bastard.

  4. Did he really Huck? I can’t believe that punk. No frikin manners at all. I am just plain pissed now.

  5. *cough*


    Hello? I’m back! Turns out it wasn’t Tentaculus and his minions. I just tripped over a pile of old dusty comments John has left laying around the site.

    (Note to Psyko) Remember when I cautioned you about netiqette and asking about someone’s real id. From my posts I do not think you can discern whether I am a hot nineteen year old female college cheerleader with an certain skill in an ancient Middle Eastern Art form or a 50 year old overweight married man with two kids in college and a house in the suburbs. It might be instructive to consider that I do know how to spell bellydancer. And while Bellydancer implies a nubile young female, Bellidancer may have an entirely different meaning.

    (Oh, and introducing Tentaculus to Bill Gates has got to be a horribly bad idea. What if they become bnest buds and team up? That can’t be a good thing.)

  6. Oh Bellidancer, I don’t really care who you are or what you look like because I will only ever know you as Bellidancer from CARS. I just thought you were a she (and maybe you are) because I think I heard you were a while back. I have a horrible memory for that kind of thing though.

    About introducing the thing to Bill. I don’t think that would be too bad. I doubt it would be able to take his bs for more than 10 seconds and would be forced to kill him. If he did take a liking to Bill then having to use Windows would do our dirty work for us. After using Windows for a second or two he would kill Bill out pity for him. I mean, how can Bill have many friends with such crappy software to his name?

    And btw, I am quite happy to hear you are just fine. I was really worried.

  7. Live from MWSF

    Yes! Here I stand in line in Moscone Hall waiting for Job’s Keynote. Anticipation is building! At least a thousand people were lined up outside the hall at 6:00am in the pouring rain. We are here to be seduced, bamboozled, and spun. We know it. We are looking forward to it. WE DEMAND IT. We are Apple addicts and Jobs is our dealer…our $1000 hooker…our prophet.

    I can feel the first stirrings of the Reality Distortion Field.

    Anything is possible!!!!! Job could announce the opening of an Apple store on the Moon…And we would BELIEVE! Alleluia!

    It is still two hours before the keynote. Several thousand wet groggy Apple maniacs are standing in the basement of Moscone. A happy buzz fills the hall. We ARE with our own kind! Mac users all. No need to defend our computing choices. WE ARE THE MAJORITY!!!! Yeehaaa!!!!

    I am in Mac Heaven.

  8. mac mini specs:

    1.25 ghz g4 256 ram, 40 gb hd, combo, $499, next up is $599 with more hd space

  9. iPod shuffle specs:

    Ipod shuffle, looks like remote, smaller than pack of gum, weighs as 4 quarters, under 1oz, uses usb two, twelve hour charge, pc or mac, comes with neck lanyard

    I’m just forwarding the info coming from The live feed, so please don’t hold me responsible for misinformation.

  10. Forget all that just check out the start page. It’s all there.

    Yippee…Wooo….Hoooo…..and all that

  11. Bring me the head of the “headless” Mac.

    Is Mini-Me gonna have a tie-in?

    Steve Ballmer’s gotta be sweatin’ now (of course, when isn’t he?).

  12. Of course, I really liked it at the end when Steve took down Tentaculous with his concentrated RDF blast. That, and tie iPod Shuffle.

  13. Was that Tentaculous on stage? I thought it was the president of Sony! Sony certainly has their tentacles into enough tech areas. Gee, it was no struggle. If that was Tentaculous, then John’s been feeding us a load of bull…wait…that goes without saying huh?

    Did Steve look a little tired to you guys? I hope he’s taking care of himself. He did give good RDF though. I went into the keynote thinking a LEDless iPod would be a big mistake. Damn if I wouldnÂ’t have bought one on my way out if they had been selling them at the door.

    I didn’t see too many VIPs at the show, just the Woz and Vice-President Gore at the Keynote.

    I did brush shoulders with Robin Williams in the exhibit hall. Kind of a shock to see someone like that in “real” life. Actually, my most exciting brush with a celebrity was running into Q at a MacWorld many years ago. I know Robin Williams has a thousands times the career but what can I say, I am a Trekkie.

    iLife05 -YUMMIE – I will buy tonight!

    iPod Shuffle -Yummie – I have been holding off because of the price and feature set but now IÂ’ll get an iPod Shuffle to hold me over untill a hd iPod comes out at the price and feature set I want.

    iWork – half a Yummie – The additions to Keynote are great and Pages certainly looks interesting in its integration with iLife – But – iWork is billed as a successor to Appleworks and it doesnÂ’t come close. Not until it can cover the spreadsheet, db, and drawing functions.If viewed as a different product for a different market iWorks is outstanding.

    Mac mini WOW/HUH I want one but I have no possible need (or even use) for one. I have a more powerful desktop at home. And every member of my family has an iBook(Its funny to see us around the kitchen tablet, all of us wirelessly surfing the Internet. We do talk to each other live instead of using iChat.). Now if the iHome rumors had been true I would be laying down some cash. And I can see that the Mac Mini might be an evolutionary step towards an iHome. Heck add an Airport Express and EyeTV and your there. Maybe I can justify(rationalize) buying a Mac Mini!


  14. I can just see the SPAM now.

    Is your Mac Mini to small? Buy Cialis to improve performance and size.

  15. Tiger? Where is Tiger? I didn’t see it on their site. I want Tiger and all of the other new products. Wow, this is very exciting.

  16. Never fear, Bellidancer, the iPod shuffle does, in fact, have one or two LEDs.

    Also regarding the following quote:

    “Steve Ballmer’s gotta be sweatin’ now (of course, when isn’t he?).”


  17. I know that some pundits have used the term “pizza-box Mac” when wet-dreaming about a headless Mac in the past.

    But the Mini Mac isn’t a pizza box, is it?

    So, what do we call it? It’s not bigger than a bread box. (Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll stop now.)

    A cigar box Mac? A shoe box Mac? I dunno.

    All I know is, I want one something fierce.







  19. If you stacked THREE Mac Minis they would come close to a Cube Mac

    A lot of external dvd burners are bigger!

    I misspoke Huck. I meant a LED screen. Yes the iPod shuffle has a power indicator LED. I meant to say the iPod Shuffle has no LED Screen. Jobs showed a slide of other flash mp3 players. Every single one had a LED screen to display the name of the song playing.

    Still no arrival date for Tiger, Psyko, but there are plenty of pages on Apples sige that describe Tiger.

  20. This miniaturisation really shits me. We street people need decent sized boxes to live in.

    Technological gadget obsessed bastards!!!

  21. The box the Mac Mini comes in is big enough for a medium sized rabbit. No apple box is big enough for a person. I did once get a Dell (Pugh! *Spits into the dust*) server that weighed over a hundred pounds and could fit a family of four.

  22. hey Bellidancer, I once got Del, but she was pretty much vodka’d out, and there was some snuggling and I think I cried a little and then we pretty much made sure we were never in a room alone together ever again.

  23. Cried a little? Man you were Niagara falls. I was a little embarrassed about the whole thing… plus there were all the sexbots that got shorted out.

    Just thinking about it makes me want to take a drink. Where is that vodka filled hot tub?

  24. Will some person please buy the Mega-Post a new refrigerator so that Streetrabbit can have a new box to live in. Those boxes are huge.

    Anybody seen Tiger lurking around anywhere? I really want it, but I’m not sure why.

    The vodka tub burned up last night Del. Well, actually, it didn’t really burn up. The whole thing was gone in a very short period of time, big boom like. I am surprised you didn’t hear it.

    Anatano nihongowa hanasu?

    Watashiwa bakadesu. 😀

  25. Yay! Annoying pointless poker spam crap gone. Good thing you don’t get rid of all the spam though. Otherwise Psyko wouldn’t exist. 😉

  26. No no no, you mean LCD. LEDs are little lights that are too big to be used for displays. LCD stands for “liquid crystal display”, which is what a flat panel screen is. Sorry for my pedanticness though, especially if you do turn out to be a girl ;).

    Non, je ne peux pas parler Japonais, mais je parle Français. Parlez-vous?

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