New PowerBooks, Death, Imminent.

Think Secret reports that current supplies of PowerBooks are drying up, indicating that the arrival of new PowerBooks is imminent.

More disturbingly, however, Tarot card reader Madame La Grunda reports that while new PowerBooks are coming soon, so is death.

“Ooh, this is not good,” said Madame La Grunda, upon turning over the Death card, shortly after turning over the PowerBook card.

“That was very odd to begin with as there isn’t supposed to be a PowerBook card at all… King of Cups, the Fool, those are standard. PowerBook? I don’t know. This is a new deck, though. But then for it to be followed immediately by death…”

Madame Grunda is a noted Tarot card reader as well as a local Mac tech support person in the Baltimore area.

“Yes, see, there are the new PowerBooks and there they are followed immediately by Death. Specific death, too. Not just vague ‘death’ like… oh, some time you’re going to die. I’m talking hot, flaming imminent death.”

Shaking her head sadly, she added “It looks rather painful.”

“Uh, well, maybe we should look at the tea leaves…” Madame Grunda suggested, attempting to lighten the mood.

Turning to the tea leaves she continued “Hmm, let’s just see what the tea leaves say is in store for you and… AAAAAAGH! Oh, my GOD! Holy CRAP! AAAAH! SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! Was that a CHAIN SAW?! Oh, my god, I’ve never in all my years seen a chain saw! See, the tea leaves just usually aren’t so specific… That’s just… that’s… wow.

“Whew. Uh…

“Well… good luck with that.

“But, uh, look! There are the PowerBooks. So… um…

“You might want to pre-order, though.”

58 thoughts on “New PowerBooks, Death, Imminent.”

  1. That’s right, none of the Monkees were evil. We were all just keen to entertain in fact just wholesome good ole American boys…..

    …except for that evil limey bastard.

    Yeah. Davy could’ve been evil.

    *posters note*

    Please forgive the Monkee posts. They’re not funny and were posted just for the thrill of posting. I can’t promise there won’t be more unfunny posts but I thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of low wit.

  2. hey hey we’re not funny

    people say we’re evil monkeying around

    but we’re to busy slinging

    our feces around

    oh, God, please forgive me for that…

  3. Don’t worry about it. We’re all having a hard time right now. I mean take a look at this crap;

    do the ipod shuffle

    hear the music muffled

    apple’s made a bundle

    while the others crumble

  4. Obviously, alot of us are hovering, but that is no excuse for bad poetry. Still MacStansbury poem made me laugh, yours, Streetrabbit, just made me want to heave.

  5. Searching, the lowly Mac user stumbles though the dark.

    Searching as many before have done.

    Searching constantly and diligently for a shred of hope to hold on to.

    Searching for something he can know is right.

    Searching for the truth.

    Searching past the truth.

    Searching for his faith.

    Searching for his faith, in the Mac.

    Searching to know that the world is wrong.

    Searching because he already knows the world is wrong.


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