Jobs Fires Guy Just Visiting Apple Campus.

CEO Steve Jobs showed his mercurial side yet again today as he attempted to fire someone who does not even work at Apple.

Bay-area programmer Paul Corretti was visiting a friend at Apple and ran afoul of Jobs during an elevator ride. Corretti entered the elevator on the ground level and Jobs entered behind him just before the doors closed, leaving the two alone inside.

Corretti said “At first I’m thinking, wow! This is so cool! I’m in an elevator with Steve Jobs!

“But as we’re going up, Steve starts giving me the evil eye and then says to me ‘So… what have you done for me lately?'”

Jobs is notorious for surprise “interviews” of Apple employees in which he attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Unaware of this, Corretti was confused at first.

“I thought, ‘Is he comin’ on to me?’ But then I realized he thought I worked for him and wanted to know what I contributed to the company.”

Despite realizing there was a misunderstanding, Corretti said that Jobs’ demeanor was so commanding that he felt compelled to reply.

“I stammered something about having bought an iPod shuffle a couple of days ago. He looked at me like I had told him I nailed his sister.”

Corretti pointed out that he had actually nailed a friend’s sister once, so he was in a position to know what that look looks like.

Apparently unimpressed by the response, Jobs summarily announced that Corretti was fired and that he should pack up his desk and be out of the building by the end of the day.

“Then I told him ‘OK, but I don’t work here.’ And he said ‘You’re damn right you don’t work here because I just fired you.’ And I said ‘No, I mean I never worked here.’ And he said ‘Oh. Fine, then.’ And I said ‘Fine.’ And he said ‘OK.’ And I said ‘Great.’ And he said ‘Right.'”

The rest of the ride was marked by an uncomfortable silence before Corretti, for reasons he was not able to determine afterwards, felt compelled to say “Thanks!” as Jobs exited the elevator.

Corretti left the campus somewhat confused as to whether or not his visitation privileges had somehow been revoked.

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  1. This story just rings true. Anyone read the story about how the program “Graphing Calculator” was created? Great Story. The program was created by two ex-employees who continued to show up at the Apple campus after they had been fired( laid off).

    Maybe Jobs is trying to motivate Paul Corretti to create some insanely great software!

  2. Agreed, very good article. It doesn’t abruptly lose focus like *some* articles do. “Oh, and by the way something about aliens and sexbots, LOL!”

    Personally, I would liked it better had I gotten 11th post, but you know… it was still good.

  3. I was a very good article. I must say that it is some of the most realistic work yet, errr, am I allowed to say that? Anyway, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would like it more if I could meet Steve Jobs some day in one of those interviews as an employee.

  4. Mmmm…yes elevators. I was stuck in an elevator once with the CEO. We were in there for 45 minutes. We started of with awkward conversation about the weather and sport. By the time the firemen got us out we were best buddies. I’d lost the farting contest but won the pee up the wall challenge. Yes those were the days. There are still times when I wish I was back at Microsoft.

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    What’s up? From macintouch:

    >>Rob Mohns raises a natural question about Apple’s new marketing VP, Allison Johnson, joining from HP:

    “I wonder how this relates to Phil Schiller, Apple’s current “Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing”, whom I believe also reports directly to Jobs. Is he being replaced, will their positions be complementary, or will they be doing different things entirely now?”<<

    Crown Prince or Goner? We Should Be Told™ !

  12. Apparently, Yanks *do* say “could care less” instead of “couldn’t care less”. Except for the ones that don’t. It’s all very confusing.

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    Jobs is just lucky he wasnÂ’t secreting whatever kinda hormone gets Paul goinÂ’ or heÂ’d a been in real trouble. Real big troubleÂ…in an elevator, confined spaces, he loves those.

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  17. What I say means that I care very little, but there are things out there that are lower on my list. When I really don’t care at all I say that I couldn’t care less though. Two different things for two different applications.

    Wow, we passed?

  18. Could care less

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    Has this become a Grammar/Spelling/Vocabulary site?????

    If so, I’ve always wondered about the whole flammable/inflammable thing. How can they both mean the same thing?

    Streetrabbit, you English have alot to answer for. The English language is totally screwy. Inconsistances, illogical phrases and constructions, bizarre spellings!

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  23. And it’s “couldn’t care less” if you are trying to make the point that you don’t care. Saying it the other way is just wrong, no matter where you live.

    You guys are all lame.

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