Tevanian Won't Shut Up About Survivor/Tiger Relationship.

Reports from Apple today indicate that Chief Software Technology Officer Avie Tevanian’s insistence that ’80s rock band Survivor perform their hit song Eye of the Tiger at Mac OS X 10.4’s release party is starting to wear thin.

According to sources, Tevanian has consistently attempted to make his case that associating Eye of the Tiger with the release of the operating system code-named Tiger is a no-brainer. Sadly, many executives ironically agree with him.

“This was amusing about ten months ago,” said Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Bertrand Serlet. “Now? Not so much.”

Serlet said that Tevanian has attempted to convince his fellow executives, other Apple employees, members of the food service industry and anyone else who will listen that:

  • Associating Eye of the Tiger with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger would be a marketing coup.
  • Tigers are fierce predators, much as Survivor rocked fiercely.
  • Survivor rules.

Tevanian usually ends his tirades by holding his index and pinky fingers up and sticking out his tongue and wiggling it.

Multiple emails Tevanian sent to Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller pleading his case have been obtained by Crazy Apple Rumors Site and paint a picture of increasing desperation.

7/28/2004 – Hey, just following up on that hallway conversation we had. I wasn’t sure if I was completely clear because you kept laughing like I was joking. I really think a hit song like Eye of the Tiger would make Tiger’s release a mega-success. Mega. Just an idea.

9/21/2004 – Look, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows Jim Peterik. I could put you in touch with him. I just think we should investigate it. Let me know!

12/22/2004 – I hate to be a pest about this, but I just think it’d be totally boss to have them at the release party. Assuming we could even get them. They might be touring.

2/8/2005 – If Tiger’s release flops, don’t come crying to me. I did my part, man. That’s it. I wash my hands of it.

3/15/2005 – Just one more thing on Survivor. That wasn’t their only good song. “I Can’t Hold Back”? Everyone knows that one.

To date, Schiller has not returned Tevanian’s emails or voice-mails concerning the issue. Sources indicate that Tevanian’s single-minded persistence is a driving factor in getting Tiger out the door as soon as possible.