Apple Issues More Cease And Desist Orders.

The Macintosh community was abuzz today over Apple’s legal action against the French Mac site MacBidouille. The company issued a cease and desist order, demanding that the site remove video of OS X running on generic PC hardware.

While the MacBidouille action has received great attention, what is less well known is that Apple also sent a cease and desist order to 9-year-old Ricky Beehler, a resident of Kensington, Maryland. According to Beehler’s attorney, Apple is seeking a legal injunction on Howard to get him to stop holding OS X so close to a PC and taunting the company.

Sources indicate that Beehler has been holding an unopened box of Tiger install DVDs up to his Dell Dimension and saying “I’m not installing it! Is this bugging you? I’m not installing it!”

Beehler is reportedly also doing a little dance.

“Our concern is really for Ricky,” said Apple General Counsel Nancy Heinen. “There’s a chance that Ricky could have a sub-standard OS X user experience on generic PC hardware, which may make him burst into tears like a little girl. Which the other kids would make fun of which would probably just make him cry harder.”

Heinen did also admit that Beehler’s actions were bugging the company. Beehler’s parents indicated that the 9-year-old can indeed be quite annoying but indicated Apple’s legal action has little hope of success.

Despite its stated concern for Beehler, Apple declined to seek an injunction against him later in the day when he was seen running with scissors. Although the company did file an amicus brief with the Montgomery County Court stating its position that “these games end in tears.”

In an unrelated incident, Apple also sent a cease and desist order to another French web site, MacBidet, demanding that it remove videos of women “freshening” themselves over Macs.

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  1. I know one of you is running MacBidet, but who was it?

    Streetrabbit? nxxx? Or maybe Psyko? (Is that the site with pictures of his sister?)

    I know it was one of you! Fess up!

  2. Oh, and Ricky, I know you’re listening.

    You’re on a path of self-destruction.

    Please save yourself from the pain that is sure to come.

    We love you here at CARS, and we don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

    Please go back into treatment and don’t forget to apologize to all the nice psychiatrists and psychologists you hurt.

  3. I can’t make informed comment until I’ve learned French.

    But I know enough French to enjoy the “Des bébés habillés en iPod” story at MacBidouille.

    Poor little sucker.

  4. “…eeking a legal injunction on Howard…”?

    I thought the injunction was against Ricky? What did Howard have to do with this? Ricky was the one with the software. LEAVE HOWARD ALONE!!! He’s a great photographer…


    I need some alone time now.

    Or perhaps a hug…


  5. “In an unrelated incident, Apple also sent a cease and desist order to another French web site, MacBidet, demanding that it remove videos of women “freshening” themselves over Macs.”


  6. Bloody hell! I’d better watch out, I’ve been waving a bootleg XP Pro CD in front of my mini.

  7. Dear Strietrabbite

    as a french meself, Hi tek som offense off the vay you lof at us. Hi am note responseebl off ze eenahneetee off contente off ze MacBidouille, but Hi can assure you ze storee wiz ze bébés is one of greet importance ere in France.

    It eez aboute ze interface hioumane/machine, bon sang!

  8. Et cela faisait vingt et un, nom d’un chien!

    Et celui-ci est le vingt-deuxième commentaire sur cet intéressant article.

  9. I don’t see what the big deal is with women putting under arm deodorant on while they are standing over Macs. That really doesn’t make any sense.

    Is this some implied joke about the French being smelly and not using deodorant. I feel like I’m missing something.

  10. MacBIDET ?!!?

    COME ON guys, the “Bidet” is for the FEET. Always the same mistake from misinformed writer : there is no more “bidet” in the new houses built here.

    The “LAVABO” is still here for the – hmmm – rest of the – hmm – body.

    So, MacLAVABO rocks !! And MacBidet sucks !!!

    I’ll copyright MacDOUCHE and MacBAIGNOIRE very soon.

    Vingt-sixième comment, by the way.

  11. Wot no cricket, even Douglas Adams?

    Or pirates?

    Bloody poor show Moltz.

  12. Don’t you know that macbidouille ( in english) made is popularity years ago with this ‘cease and desist’.

    Only try to get popularity …

  13. Here’s to the bidet, as a combination toilet, sink, dishwasher. How very efficient!

    as someone said, ewwwwwwwwww

  14. is the video still up? not a french reader so i couln’t tell.

    would like to see it if someone can post a link here.

    2) looking for a good site to learn portuguese.

    a site where you can type in an english word and hear the portuguese version.


  15. Hey! that hardmac site is a complete copy of MacBidouille, what a rip off!

    …except they don’t have a tromboneiscope on their goodies page.

    I love the tromboneiscope.

  16. Scope?

    Here een zees countray, Scope, she ees a mousewash.

    Now, for zees bad language, I must go an wash my mouse out weeth Scope.

  17. Yeah, well I’m getting sued by Apple because my canaries are making the same sounds as the p.o.s power supply unit in my friggin PowerMac G5! CHIRP! CHIRP! SQUEAK! BBZBZBZBZ! The nerve of Herr Jobs for making his machines imitate my canaries and then sending his boys over to try to shut em up.

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