The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

8,643 thoughts on “The Mega-Post is Dead”

  1. Today is my birthday, and I presently have a present and a nearly empty bank account.

    Thanks for playing.

  2. I counted some presents. So maybe that counts for something, but I cannot be sure.

    Be safe from the Coronavirus misinformation.

  3. Will The Donald allow you to keep reading these Corona Virus 19 laden witterings from the other side of the pond?

  4. Apparently the *entire world* is going into LOCKDOWN and avoiding all social contact.

    In other news, Clan CARS fail to notice any change in their usual interpersonal status.

  5. I’m more worried about my intra-personal (and perhaps extra-personal) status.

    Are you Cousins having the same run on supplies as we are over here? Paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissue) are impossible to find after last Wednesday morning. Scant supplies of rice, dry pasta (surprisingly, fresh pasta is readily available), soup, bread, and milk. Most other things are available.

    In all seriousness (which generally lacks here, I think on purpose), stay safe everyone.

  6. I’m all for “social distancing,” which is why I am impressed with Brother Mugga, who is in the Eastern Hemisphere while the rest of us are in the Western Hemisphere.

    Antarctica, here I come!

  7. I’ve got Nxxx here with me, though. Normally that would be good for social distancing, clearly, but as we’ve never met I can’t be sure he’s not lurking somewhere. And doubtless he reciprocates that feeling.

    This virus thing is really bringing society together, I feel.

    If only Apple made some soft of ‘Find My Infector’ app for the iPhone.

  8. Since it’s been about (or aboot for our Northern Cousins) a week since anyone has posted, just checking in to make sure everyone is OK. Or, at least as OK as is usual around here…

    To state it clearly, since “social distancing” is not clear: stay the bloody hell at home! Thank you for your cooperation.

  9. Yes, all fine in Blighty, Steve. We like to socially distance here anyway, what with our personalities and all. Certainly my wife has been adopting that approach for years with me and the kids. Ahead of the corv.

  10. Doing okay in my neck of the woods, thanks to the distribution of thousands of hamster balls (of six-foot diameter) to aid in social distancing. Long an expert in anti-social distancing, I have begun to learn how to smile and nod my head while avoiding people like the plague.

  11. Even this grumpy old git is still living, if that is what it is classed as?

    Still worried about Mr Moltz though.

  12. While Moltz is in the Tacoma area, near one of the more infected areas in the US, I suspect he is tweeting from an underground bunker.

  13. I suspect Moltz joined the legions of the undead some time ago. Certainly CARS did. We are but its zombie shell, shambling the internet in search of fresh brains.

  14. Well, salt in the sugar bowl! I had no idea that there was proscription against pranks based on the time of day:
    “An April Fool prank is sometimes later revealed by shouting ‘April fool!’ at the recipient, who becomes the ‘April fool’. A study in the 1950s, by folklorists Iona and Peter Opie, found that in the UK, and in countries whose traditions derived from the UK, the joking ceased at midday. This continues to be the current practice, with the custom ceasing at noon, after which time it is no longer acceptable to play pranks. Thus a person playing a prank after midday is considered the ‘April fool’ themselves.”

  15. I qualify as an older fool anyway but it is debatable that as it is posted before noon on April 1st, whether this is an April Fool post or not.

  16. What about the iFlame?
    And in this time of working remotely, has anyone yet figured out Pudding over IP? Because now really would be the time…

  17. Some of the work I am doing isn’t even remotely effective, and pudding over IP is yet to be proven.

    My idea of human-sized transparent hamster-balls for social distancing has yet to catch on. When it does, it will bring a new set of problems.

  18. Sorry to be out of the loop for a while. My shoulder’s shot and I haven’t been able to use a mouse without whimpering like a wuss.

    ‘use’ here means ‘operate a GUI’ before your filthy minds kick in.

    Regarding April Fool’s Day, I proposed to my wife in front of the Bovington Tiger Tank (a treat for her, clearly) at precisely 1201. Meaning she spent the next hour going, ‘Is this a joke? What time was it, you bastard.’ She refused to accept the deal was real till she’d managed to get sufficient reception to phone her folks.

    I’m a great husband, clearly.

  19. I know! Brilliant. He’s certainly outlasted the dimbot Krauts that bailed out of him, so who’s looking silly now, Mr Hitler?

    [Brother Mugga would like to confirm that no actual Germans were harmed in the making of this mildly xenophobic, retro-comment.]

  20. The term “dimbot” is new to me, so thank you, BroMu, for introducing it to my personal lexicon. Another recent addition is “nanowit,” which promises to be very useful as our species devolves into something akin to a slime-mold.

  21. We’ve used ‘dimbot’ with our kids since birth, Ace. ‘Dumb, like a badly made robot’, essentially. Or variations thereof. Our mates now use it with their equally disappointing spawn as a handy PG alternative to ‘fuckwit’.

    You’re welcome again, world.

    Move over Shakespeare.

  22. Why, it fairly drips with sincere adulation, unless my eyes deceive me. Anyone care to trigger the mousetrap?

  23. I clicked it twice, Ace. Just to make sure it emptied *all* the money out of my accounts.

    Although, to be honest, I feel he’s commenting on my previous post. So fair do’s. My incisive post is clearly as great as

  24. Wow, looks good, particularly the end. I searched for this particular issue for a
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  25. That’s what we do around here BBT (if I may be so informal) – provide pleasure.

    Gents – please feel free to run with my preceding comment. Although I know you’ve never needed permission…

  26. Truly, the Giga-Post (along with the Mega-Post and every other repository here at CARS) is a compendium of useful knowledge and advice, comparable to Wikipedia, the Library of Congress, and the backs of breakfast cereal boxes. No wonder that scholars flock here in droves for nourishment of the grey matter, and even the soul. Any time I am working on a doctoral dissertation, this is the first place I visit.

  27. Yes indeed, fellow travellers on the Posts of Yore. Why the library of Alexandria, ashes though it now is, couldn’t hold a candle (nor would it doubtless want to) to the veritable veritasium we had constructed here. When excavated by aliens in the 34th century they will merely sigh and say: ‘All of pond life was here.’


    Read it and weep, BBT.

  28. Ahh, Nxxx. Feeling a bit loquacious? Remember that we must scrimp with the characters in our computing devices, lest we use up essential items. For example, I have been keeping exclamation marks in reserve, awaiting times of great excitement.

  29. I have been hoarding hoardings, Ace, the better to constrain my similarly extensive collection of similarly shaped brackets (or ‘parentheses’, for our American cousins). Although I did just squander two there (quite shamelessly). Oh no! And again. And an exclamation mark!


    And I’ve heard good things about the Ally Pally library, Nxxx. Although in very hushed tones.

  30. BroMu,

    Since you’re calling parenthesis brackets, what term do you use for [ and for {?

    I feel like we’re heading down a chip/crisp tunnel. I hope the critters in there have been recently fed…

  31. Square and curly, Steve. Which are coincidentally two of my nicknames. Honest.

    My greater worry is the mom/mum train crash currently evident in my youngest’s self-penned bedtime bee-story tonight. He’s clearly been reading too much Tom Gates and not enough Shakespeare.

  32. He’s apparently a writer, Nxxx. His real name was Sir Francis de Vere Marlowe, the 6th Earl of Derby.

    Because, according to many rather posh sceptics, clearly some brummie from the local comp couldn’t have been clever enough to write all that stuff.

  33. It’s been long established in the recesses of my mind that William Shakespeare was actually a pair of identical twins, never seen together, who shared their duties as playwright, actor, and poet. It explains his (their) prolificacy and also gives him (them) alibis for various robberies and other skulduggery.

    1. Sounds about right to me and I went to Alleyns, a school founded by an actor known to Shakespeare as Ned Allen.

  34. Dulwich, Nxxx? What that got that Swindon hasn’t, eh?

    Or Gravesend for that matter.

    Even though we moved out to Higham a few years ago.

    Which has had the fortunate consequence of my daughter being able to bitch-slap her entire school – half of whom are bussed in from East London – on the ‘find things to do with Dickens in your local area’ quiz they set the other day. We just took a photo of his family home (Gad’s Hill) which is at the end of our road and said: ‘Boooom! In yer face!’

    We’re very mature.

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