Intel-Based Macs Not Waffle Compliant.

According to disappointed owners of new Intel-based iMacs, the optical drives that ship in the new machines are not waffle compliant.

While all of Apple’s previous Macs have featured RW – Read Waffle – drives, all attempts to insert round waffles have met with failure.

“When I put the waffle in the drive,” said Wayne Gaither. “It wouldn’t mount. And, man, there’s nothing more diappointing than a waffle that won’t mount.”

Gaither added that the results may appear confusing.

“I just got an error saying ‘Insufficient butter’. I don’t even know what that means. ‘Insufficient butter.’ I put a whole mess of butter on it, so I’m not sure that’s even a valid error message.”

Apple confirmed the disappointing news about the drives but indicated that newer, better drives are on the way.

“Future Intel-based Macs will feature high-capacity flapjack drives,” said Peter Mehring, head of Apple hardware engineering. “Flapjack media will have four times the capacity of waffle media. Mostly because you can only write on the top layer of the waffle, not in the little crevices.

“Not a lot of people realize that about waffles.”

Industry reports indicate that high-capacity flapjack drives are currently under development by Matshita and other manufacturers and will be available later this year. Although some are concerned a colder than expected winter in Canada and northern New England could affect the world’s supply of maple syrup.

That doesn’t affect the performance of the drives, it just makes the media less delicious.

Mehring indicated that the company is prepared to ship the drives with alternative syrups such as boysenberry if necessary.

“We totally want maple,” he hastened to add. “It’s not even a question. Still… boysenberry… quite tasty.”