Apple Releases New Boot Loader.

Apple Computer today released Tour of Duty, which the company is billing as a successor to its Boot Camp software. According to a press release, Tour of Duty allows users to install and operate Mac OS X on a Macintosh computer.

While Boot Camp provides the necessary modifications to boot loading procedures on Intel-based Macs to handle Windows XP Service Pack 2’s installation and booting, Tour of Duty apparently just installs Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

“We saw so much interest in Boot Camp that this was the next logical move,” said Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller. “Tour of Duty builds on Boot Camp by allowing a Mac owner to install the OS X operating system on their Intel-based Macs.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provided this advanced capability to our more technologically-savvy customers.”

Schiller did not explain why users would want a special boot loader for an operating system that comes pre-installed on their Mac.

For Mac owners with Mac OS X installed, Tour of Duty takes twice as long to install and produces strange text-only screens of prompts, but when the process is completed Tiger boots just as it always does.

“Just as our big kitty theme worked for OS X, we’re planning a whole military theme for these special boot loaders,” Schiller said. “Next is Clusterfuck, which will install several versions of Linux and BSD simultaneously, followed by Quagmire, which will allow Windows Vista to run.

“Should it ever be released. They’re kinda… behind… a bit…

“In the seemingly unlikely event that we live long enough to see Microsoft release later operating system updates, we’ll be there with Senseless Violent Reprisal Against Civilians and Disorganized Retreat.”

Tour of Duty is available as a free download to all customers who have registered with Selective Service.

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    OH MYGOD!!!!!!!!! ALL THESE FUCKING YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I AM SUPER-COMMENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Only Longhorns and Vistas come from Redmond WA. And you don’t look much like a Longhorn to me so that kinda narrows it down.

  3. I lean. I am tilted over to the side. Nautically, I list. I sit askew due to the lack of one buttock. I lost the other one because I laughed my ass half off from this CARS story. Really excellent work, John!

    Oh, and seven is devine!

  4. This one did not much tickle my funny bone. Though it does have a good beat, so I’ll give it a 4.

  5. What is a boot camp without an ill-tempered drill sergeant? I propose that, to give bigger incentive to stay on the OS X side of things, Intel Macs should be able to run Windows with the limitation that your computer constantly (and loudly) insults you as you do so.

    It’s only fair, after everything the Windows community has put Mac users through.

  6. If as for this we do not obtain that in month, perhaps, the whale of strange matrices and went, you seem with the park of sea of Denver, but.

  7. Ah, Moltz, you finally produced a spit-take from a loyal Cars reader after all these years. Well, Cars reader anyway. Well, about 2 years or so.

    Well Done.

  8. So, just to clarify, you’ll need a Quagmire on top of Clusterfuck to install Vista?
    Hmm. Makes sense to me.
    But which release of Vista will this support?


  9. This is breakthrough technology, I can’t believe they’re giving it away for free.

    For a long time computer users have been asking for a product that allows them to create a single partition and run one operating system. I think this may be it.

    I’m excited.

  10. NWJR,
    Is that when all civilians, not in our company, are decimated?

  11. when vista comes out microsoft will teach apple a few things about programming (osx sux)

  12. I haven’t seen a recalcitrant naysayer for such a long time
    that I suspect “microsoft rules” is not a real person.

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