Apple Announces Deal With Nike, More Coming.

Apple and Nike announced the Nike+iPod Sport Kit today, a system that transmits your exercise stats from your shoes to your iPod for visual readout and tracking.

This is not the first time Apple has teamed up with a clothing vendor and sources indicate Apple is working on other wearable computing alliances.

According to internal documents forwarded to Crazy Apple Rumors Site by those in the know, Apple is teaming up with the following companies:

Pampers – For the lackadaisical parent, the Pampers In-Diaper Alert System tells your iPod when baby is wet, poopy or has chafing of the nimbus. Of course, if your blood alcohol level weren’t the same as the scotch and soda in your hand, you’d probably notice that stuff but, whatever, June Cleaver.

L.L. Bean – Your iPod will instantly recognize those formless sacks of natural materials you attempt to pass off as clothing and begin playing your hippie freak love-in music for you, you god damn commie.

Abercrombie & Fitch – The Poser Package includes a sensor that tells your iPod you’re wearing your way hip A & F garb and your iPod then plays some way cool tunes for you because you’re so awesome and boss!

Frickin’ poser.

Victoria’s Secret – The system includes leather crotchless thong underwear with a push-up bikini top and lace camisole with garters and fishnet stockings, all linked into the iPod nano to monitor friction and tension of the… the various… straps and… the fullness of the… cups… uhhhhhh…………… I’m sorry, I blacked out. What was I saying?

Look for these at an Apple Store near you later this year.

You frickin’ poser.