Apple Releases Open Source Sandwich.

Just days after rumors began to swirl that Apple had decided to close the Darwin kernel, the company attempted to demonstrate its commitment to open source today by open sourcing a sandwich.

According to a spokesperson for Caffe Macs, Apple has open-sourced the Thursday “Meal Deal”, a warm turkey sandwich known as “the Gobbler.”

Documents forwarded to Crazy Apple Rumors Site by sources indicate that the Gobbler is compiled by conducting the following steps in order:

  1. Slice open 1/2 of a French baguette.
  2. Toast the baguette lightly.
  3. Spread both sides with mayonnaise.
  4. Place a heaping portion of premium sliced turkey breast on one side and cover with provolone cheese.
  5. Spread horseradish on the other side.
  6. Toast again until the cheese melts.
  7. Serve hot.

Some Apple followers derided the move as a diversionary tactic on Apple’s part to deflect criticism over locking down the Darwin kernel.

Ars Technica’s John Siracusa said “If Apple believes it’s going to make us forget about the Darwin kernel by offering up this toasty sandwich, with gooey melted cheese and spicy horseradish, smothered in rich mayonnaise… mmm… all inside French bread that’s both soft and crispy… oh, yeah… that’s the stuff…

“What was I talking about?”

Siracusa, who noted he hadn’t had lunch yet, was soon speculating about hacking the sandwich to include bacon and possibly even avocado.