Investors Sue Apple For Too Many Law Suits.

Reacting to recent news that the company is being sued for stock option grant irregularities, a group of investors today filed suit against Apple for facing too many lawsuits.

“Apple is currently the subject of no less than 5, 28 lawsuits,” said Marcus Gregory, Chief Investment Strategist for the State of California Teacher’s Pension Plan, one of the plaintiffs in the suit.

“This has a negative effect on the value of the company’s stock. We are initiating this lawsuit to recuperate our losses of potential income.”

While “loss of potential income” may not sound like much of a legal footing, Apple has already been sued by someone who feared his iPod could damage his hearing.


As its star has risen in recent years, Apple has seen the number of suits against it skyrocket, many of them baseless.

For example, contrary to what has been claimed in some of these suits, it is highly unlikely that Apple

  • Fathered a love child with an 18-year old woman from New Rochelle, NY. It was more likely that dratted Ronald from across town who was always coming by.
  • Built Stonehenge in the third century B.C. and won’t give up its secrets.
  • Leaked the identity of Valerie Plame and the details of several government spying programs. And then tried to sell the formula for Coke to Pepsi. And peed in the pool.
  • Shot JFK.

Apple stock was down 2.69 on the news of the new suit.

“See?!” Gregory said.

36 thoughts on “Investors Sue Apple For Too Many Law Suits.”

  1. “…for facing to many lawsuits”?
    psst… John- fix it before the Spell Czech gets here.
    You know how cranky he can get.

    My Shortsâ„¢ almost missed that one.


  2. I am a longtime admirer of Avebury, Wood and Stonehenge so why are you denying Apple’s undeniable hand in their building. They are also responsible for the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids and threw up the Taj Mahal in an odd spare moment. They can use my toothbrush anytime.

  3. Thank you, Huh?

    And thanks, Nxxx, for remembering Friday’s catch-phrase: “That bitch thinks she can use my toothbrush!”

  4. Who really shot JR? Everyone knows it was Bobby.

    No, not Bobby Ewing, Bobby Hill, from King of the Hill.

    He may be a little porker, but he’s got mad skillz with a gun. He’s from Texas, donchaknow?

  5. John,
    At my age, remembering what I started to type is a miracle but I don’t understand your ‘toothbrush’ remark.

  6. A quick point: if the number of lawsuits goes down, then the number of lawyers that handle them goes down, and then they sue Apple for loss of wages, bringing the number of lawsuits back to it’s current count… I think it’s like inflation- always going up.

  7. Anyone planning to sue Microsoft for having sucky software?

    (And, yes, “sucky” is a valid legal term. I looked it up.)

    I mean, just because they dragged out that antitrust lawsuit, and then received a slap on the wrist, doesn’t mean we can’t dogpile on them too…

  8. Duh! Of course I did it. But I’m waiting till the law suit is over and I can get some cash before I put the pictures up on PutFile. She’s a freak. That’s all I got to say. A freak.

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  10. I’m suing myself because I’m not rich by now. This action should goad me to new heights of income acquisition.

    If by some chance it doesn’t work, the B-plan is to invent a time-machine and use it to sue my younger self for being so slack as to deny me well-deserved riches in my upcoming dotage. (When that last point is reached, I plan to change my CARS handle to “crank”, btw.)

    Or maybe I should just use the time-machine to rule some past society, changing the course of human development in ways we can’t even anticipate. Hmmm, sounds like a lot of work… I think I’ll probably just stick with the lawsuits.

    Yeah, that’s easier.

  11. Of course Apple didn’t build Stonehenge. The great songwriting sages from Spinäl Tap taught us that:

    “In ancient times, hundreds of years before the
    dawn of history.
    There lived a strange race of people…the Druids.
    No one knows who they were, or what they were doing…
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    See? The DRUIDS built Stonehenge.

  12. Dear Cross Poster Anonymous,

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    There’s your business plan. Now you owe me a penny for my thoughts.

  13. Hey blank, you could just convince your past self to invest in the stocks that do really well afterwards. What time period are you talking anyway? I heard oil futures are nice.

  14. Garrett’s Socks are down 2.69, and the ankle hair is begining to show. Someone please bring a lawsuit to court over this. I’d really like my socks to come back up. Maybe if enough people try to bring suit against me, my socks will sky rocket all the up to my freaking knees.


  15. Umm… Apple DID shoot JFK.

    Oh, wait… Apple EDITED that movie.

    Never mind.

  16. Couldn’t Apple put the raise of suing on stock market?
    If it raises, there’s surely some money to do.
    Sell trials on eBay?

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    You bitch about comment spam then act like a complete noob on this guys blog. What a tool =/

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