Jobs Personally Fulfilling Battery Replacement Orders.

A reader report on MacInTouch reveals that Apple CEO Steve jobs has taken a personal interest in the fulfillment of PowerBook and iBook battery replacement orders.

But beyond simply making sure the orders of people who bother him personally are filled, Crazy Apple Rumors Site has learned that Jobs himself is personally fulfilling each and every of the 1.8 million orders.

“Steve just really wanted to do this, said Peter Mehring, head of Mac hardware engineering.

“He hates to let down Apple’s customers so he’s personally going door to door to deliver these new batteries.

“Plus, he, uh… well, he fired the whole fulfillment team about three months ago, so…”

According to PowerBook and iBook owners, Jobs has been gracious during his deliveries.

Mac user Andrew Corvin said “Steve said that he was really excited about these new batteries because they don’t explode and that he was sure I would be surprised and delighted about not being burned beyond recognition.

“And you know what? I was!”

Jobs could not be reached for comment for this story, as he was somewhere out on delivery between S. Hosmer and 48th in Santa Barbara.