So long, suckers!

Well, now…

Fortunately, someone in the comments of yesterday’s post wrote something so money that we really needn’t have even gotten out of bed. Frankly, we wish more of you commenters would make yourselves useful around here. You don’t all have to be witty. You could make some coffee or go out for donuts or something.

Setting an example for the rest of you slackers, commenter Rip Ragged came up with some absolutely filthy technology-inspired porn.

….her warm, moist vista engulfed my turgid Zune. “Ubuntu, ubuntu,” she repeated as she climbed from a husky whisper to a shrieking, wildly bucking crescendo, “UBUNTU, UBUNTU.”

I collapsed in her arms and murmured into her ear, “Welcome to the social.”

That’s either our first or second favorite dirty comment of all time. Probably second because it’s technically impossible as the Zune is actually currently incompatible with Vista (or maybe that just makes it dirtier). We won’t tell you what the other comment was but it involved Hello Kitty and the Japanese word for something very naughty.

So, flush with the warm glow of Rip Ragged’s torrid opus, you should be set for the next ten days. Those of you in the states, have a happy Thanksgiving.

For those of you elsewhere…

Carry on.

158 thoughts on “So long, suckers!”

  1. Damn! See what happens when you don’t refresh your screen for an hour! #150!!! Woo Hoo! That oficially means that really, none of us who posted, actually have lives.

  2. Cupertino, 11/28/06–

    Apple Introduces the iMoltz SexBot just in time for the holiday shopping season. Impervious to Raping, Pillaging and Burning, and also comes in three different colors.

    Read the glowing reviews:

    Huh? (CARS) – this bot really rocks! I was up all night with it and it’s still as shiny as when I took it out of the brown paper bag. It just wipes clean with a damp cloth.

    Del (CARS) – Brown! Brown! Brown! I just can’t get enough of Brown!

    Rip Ragged (CARS) – WTF! Fuel cells! Apple is finally listening to us! Now I can put this, right there!

  3. One hundred fifty three comments.

    If we all agree that these comments are entirely pointless, there is a very good chance that we’ll be inducted into the Blog Hall of Fame, on the off chance that there ever is such a thing, for creating 153 utterly pointless, yet perky and not pretentious comments.

    That’s an average of 15.3 comments per day over a ten day Holiday week.

    Oh no you don’t. I’m not putting THIS THERE. I might need this later for furo do rato.

    The burger was made out of Zune? No wonder it tasted like such a gawdawful shade of brown.

  4. Sorry I been away. But I got a headache trying to buy 15.3 posts with my Zune points. Since I only got as far as advanced calculus in college. I just got a veggie dogburger and watched Heroes.

    Save the Sexbots, Save Cupertino.

    BTW, thanks for clarifying the RPB protocal. Too bad we couldn’t use it. Given the demands of Manpower Resources Director, it would have been a waste anyway. Who would we have hired back to bust the unions?

  5. Hey ! You were on holidays ?
    I made this from work !

    Er…Hello, Monsieur Moltz. Look …er… rested.

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