Apple Hires Stock Photo.

Just days after announcing the hiring of Donald J. Rosenberg as General Counsel, Apple today announced that it is making another executive move.

The company is creating a new position – Senior Vice President of Enterprise – which will be charged with developing and implementing Apple’s corporate sales strategy. To fill this position, Apple has hired a stock photo of a smiling executive in a suit.

“I’m thrilled to announce that Stock Photo Guy has joined our executive team, said Apple CEO Steve Jobs, standing next to a picture of his newest recruit.

“Stock Photo Guy has vast experience in the enterprise,” Jobs said. “Whether it’s pointing seriously at something on a screen with an African-American, or pointing at a pie chart with an Asian person or pointing at something off-camera with someone in a wheelchair, Stock Photo Guy has done it all.”

Apple reportedly paid Getty Images $657 to acquire the non-exclusive rights to Stock Photo Guy. Despite the company’s usual policy of exclusive employment, Stock Photo Guy is still available for work in glossy brochures, magazines and catalogs.

Analysts hailed the move and said it fit perfectly with Apple’s enterprise strategy.

“Who better to continue to do nothing than a stock photo?” asked InfoWorld’s Tom Yager.

Stock Photo Guy’s hiring did not please everyone, however.

“They gave him a better parking space than mine,” said a dumbfounded Senior Vice President of Retail Ron Johnson.

“He’s a picture! He doesn’t have a car!”

Apple’s stock was up 1.56 on the announcement.

36 thoughts on “Apple Hires Stock Photo.”

  1. I’m completely “dumfounded” that stock word processor spell checker guy missed a “b”. Totally out of character with his character, as seen in the picture….

    tsk tsk

  2. Eleventh

    And stock photo guy looks a lot more happy than the Zune Asian photo girls to be working right now

  3. $657 seems a little low for the rights to an image of someone as prestigious as Stock Photo Guy. I would assume the royalties would be in the tens of hundreds of dollars.

  4. In that particular pose, it looks like he may be reacting positively to good news, or that someone is pushing a Zune up his ass — possibly two.

    Either way, I’m guessing he’ll need a new pair of wool-blend trousers.

    “….her warm, moist vista engulfed my turgid Zune. ‘Ubuntu, ubuntu,’ she repeated as she climbed from a husky whisper to a shrieking, wildly bucking crescendo, ‘UBUNTU, UBUNTU.’

    I collapsed in her arms and murmured into her ear, “Welcome to the social.”

  5. John,
    This is recycled. Spike Milligan wrote about cardboard cut outs and photographs of people and money when he scripted and performed in the BBC’s “Goon Show” back in the 50s. Know that fashion repeats, but jokes?

  6. Ok. So he has done the pointing, but has he got experience in handshakes and jumping hurdles with a briefcase in a business suit, too? These are basic stock photo skills after all.

  7. nameless norman says my Uncle Zooooooopl is always claiming he abducted Stock Photo Guy. “I had that Stock Photo Guy in the back of my spaceship.” he says. Everyone here on Waldlplooon III thinks he’s a loony, but now I’ve seen the stock photo perhaps he wasn’t just making it up.

  8. bob has to make a confession, btw. For Undisclosed Reasons, Bob is currently operating a… Oh no, I can’t. It’s too humiliating. But hey, i’ve got to. OK deep breath. Bob is operating a windoAAAAAARRRRRGGH. One more try. A PC. That’s right A PC, with Windows and the works. It’s not pretty, i’m not proud. but hey, now it’s out. Bob feels a better person.

  9. Bob is not a coward. Thanks for sharing, you worthless pile of ….I mean, that’s great, a PC and your still posting. Kudos!

  10. I heard that Stock Photo Guy was married to Stock Photo Wife and Kids in the Kitchen, but I’ve also heard hes’s been spotted down at the motel on the interstate with Stock Photo Prostitute.

    Which would explain that whole “Ubuntu, Ubuntu” thing, as well as that broad smile on his face.

  11. When does the Crazy Apple Rumors Podcast come out Mr. Moltz? This reading stuff is so yesterday…

  12. They couldn’t have hired the cute telephone-headset girl, could they? No, it has to be Obnoxious Yuppie Dork #4.

    Woz never would have hired Obnoxious Yuppie Dork #4, I’ll tell you that.

    You’ve changed, Apple. You’ve changed…

  13. Rip Ragged, that was truly orgasmic. That’s up there with my other favorite dirty sex talk line: “Fuck me like we’re in Tacoma.”

    And Nxxx, I can’t be responsible for the fact that you’re so old you’ve seen it all.

  14. Later to the party but still checking spelling.

    …and implimenting

    should be

    …and implementing

    And, Luky No. 30!

  15. Long time reader, first time poster. CARS is always a little funny, sometimes real funny, and occasionally as funny as this post is on so many levels. Thanks, John, this made my day.

    On the other hand, maybe it says more about my day….

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  17. Implimenting implementing.

    It seems like I’ve seen that in a startup window on a PC before.

    I could be wrong.

    Do these Zunes make my ballmer look fat?

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