Leo Laporte Laps Himself.

With the proliferation of podcasting, TWiT‘s Leo Laporte, who appears on a dozen of his own podcasts and is a regular guest on many produced by others as well as network television talk shows. Laporte is apparently so prolific that he was on a recent edition of his own Gearâ—ŠMediaâ—ŠTech twice.

While introducing a new RAID device, Laporte said “And here to tell us more about it is Leo Laporte.”

Laporte then appeared again and the two went on to discuss the device. There was a bit of confusion at the end as neither Laporte was sure which one should leave.

According to Gail Mullen, Laporte’s public relations manager, Laporte had lapped himself in a sudden burst of media exposure.

“Leo passed himself on the fast-paced highway that is Internet media,” said Mullen, “and accidentally appeared twice.

“He’s terribly sorry for any confusion it may have caused.”

“Leo’s the hardest working man in podcasting,” said 43Folders‘ Merlin Mann. “He’s now literally working twice as hard as the next man who, paradoxically, is himself.”

There is some concern that Laporte’s proclivity has certain concerning implications in the realm of quantum mechanics.

“I happened to see the episode of Gearâ—ŠMediaâ—ŠTech,” said Sarah Grossman, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “For Laporte to exist twice in the same instance, he must not exist in some other instance. This other instance then has a quantum vacuum which must be filled by some other matter. Such as pudding.

“But then the pudding has to come from somewhere. You can see where I’m going with this. At some point Laporte’s duality must be paid for. There’s no such thing as a quantum free lunch.

“And, for the love of god, I hope he never shakes his own hand because KA-BOOOM!”

Laporte is expected to address the issue on the next edition of the Tech Guy provided he has the time.

30 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Laps Himself.”

  1. I should do that. Then it would be like, double trouble! The haters would have to watch out, or there’d be some serious ownage going around!

  2. No, HE’S beside himeself.

    You’re just stitting there…

    And if you don’t stop that, you’ll go blind.

  3. Going for a World Record, the LaPorte Trio.

    BTW aren’t all Garth Brook’s albums the worst?

  4. Sounds like Leo has discovered a LaPortal in the space-time continuum.

    He should put up those orange cones to prevent anybody else falling through.

  5. If it’s banana cream iPudding, it’s mine. I set it down yesterday and forgot about it. I thought the dog ate it but the dog doesn’t like pudding named Leo.


  6. 18th (Damn, i’m late!)

    I sort of can’t wait for Leo himself to find this article, he plugs these types of articles in podcasts.

  7. American by birth, 19th by the grace of God.

    Well, thanks John. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. I’m waaaaaaaay back there. I think I’ll rest and give myself a chance to catch up a little.

    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

  8. I guess he Te-LaPorte-d himself into his own podcast!

    (Oh come on. You knew somebody had to say it. Might as well be me.)

  9. “Leo himself” Which Leo?

    Could there be a “good Leo” and a “bad Leo”?


    √-1 Leo? ∑ =?


    Reality should be regulated!

  10. Thank you for answering Marvin the Martian’s question: “Where’s the kaboom?”

    Though I doubt even he thought it would be because of some guy he’s never heard of.

    Re #16: Should he also use that yellow “Caution” tape? Just in case someone doesn’t see the cones? (Although if he said “pylon”, Leo could do that all be himselves.)

    Yes, I overused the quotation marks. I apologize to the next poster who wants to use them and finds that they’re all gone.

  11. So, Moltz is up to his old tricks. In yesterday’s comments (#4) he claimed to be Lord of all Time, Space and Dimensiion, Well come on, popping a guy up twice in the same place and time is no huge trick for someone with those credentials. I suspect we will see more of this on slow rumor days.

  12. Ah, Marvin. He was so ahead of his time. “There was supposed to be an earth-shattering ka-boom!” That’s still in the works, I believe. It looks to me as though it’s a high-priority project what with all the effort going into it.

    On a topic unrelated to destroying all life on earth: Those familiar with classical mythology will recognise pudding as the quintessence, as in “earth, air, fire, water, pudding.” Nature abhors a vacuum, and pudding is there to take care of those situations.

  13. 1st


    I was sure that this was “lap” like a cat “laps up” milk.

    That’s hot.

    No, really, it isn’t.

  14. when i have ultimate control over time and space, we’ll see who laps last.

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