Mac Market Share Hits 7.3%.

Good news for Apple as, according to Net Applications, Mac market share has hit 7.3%.

While this is indisputably laudable, digging deeper into the data reveals some interesting side-analysis.

  • Since Net Applications’ estimate is based on browser use, it may understate the Mac’s market share as many Mac owners always buy an extra unit to keep mint in the box.
  • Despite what many would expect, Linux was fourth rather than third. The third place system? The ENIAC. Seriously. It’s true. I’m not shitting you. Sounds incredible, I know, but there it is.
  • The Mac’s market share may be further understated as Net Applications consolidated its data on a Wednesday and that’s when comic books come out.
  • According to Net Applications, Mac users really like to surf porn sites. So do Windows users. Linux users, for some reason, tend to frequent porn sites with difficult to use interfaces, resulting in further frustration. Further because they’re already Linux users.
  • While the Mac’s market share is still a distant second to Windows, the data clearly shows that Mac users surf betterer than Windows users.
  • There are still people using Cyberdog. What the fuck, people?!

Apple declined to comment for this story since they were surrounded by fricking robots.