Desperately Seeking Johnny

I regret to inform you that my podcast effort – This Week In Daring Fireball – has been canceled. This was to be the follow-up to CARS but, sadly, I was unable to secure funding. The New York Yankees had shown interest in sponsoring the show, but backed out after I refused to work with Don Mattingly.

He’s just a dick.

Anyway, you can listen to the first and only episode here (1.7mb MP3).

Oh, and CARS is still on hiatus.
If you, like so many people, are jonesing for Johnny, you might try the virtual or physical pages of Macworld.

66 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Johnny”

  1. I am the old retired guy who hangs out at his old office, and I’m flattered by the tribute.

    I think the new theme is the bee’s knees, not so much because of the design itself, as because the mere fact of change tells me that I’m not the last survivor of a nukeyoolar war after all.

  2. Well, the Entity offered to drop Ugluk off in 20,000 BC. Of course, it’s possible he stayed here in the 21st century and took a job writing for Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, or some other radio blowhard.

  3. Why is it that things keep changing? Why did CARS have to go away. Where is my beloved Evangelist, Guy? Why is my MacCentral bookmark now jumping to MacWorld? WHY MUST I UPDATE MY BOOKMARKS EVERY DECADE???

    Come back for reals, CARS, so I don’t have to adjust my daily news sites ONCE AGAIN. Pleaseeeeeee…

    (and BTW, why are there so MANY Mac useers, all of a sudden… I used to think I was kinda special, but now…)

  4. Doc, you are special. Very special. They even have special classes for people like you.

  5. @35: Best comment so far (assuming I’m able to award such an honor).

    I think I read somewhere that Gruber/Moltz delocated to here in Philly (yes, I meant “delocated”), so if I see him/them, I will try to get a picture.

  6. I’d try the cell phone camera – it’s cheap enough so that if trying to capture their image breaks the camera, I won’t be that upset.

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