What's all this, then?

Technology? Whiskey? Sexy?

It’s not much, but then they tried to pass Iowa off as heaven in that movie with that guy and Darth Vader.

Hey, you told me to get a hobby. Said that I should get out of my parents’ basement and try to make something of myself. That I should learn to live before all I would learn about was dying.


And then I said “fuck off” and did a podcast instead, with the lovely Jon Deal. Remember that?

Yeah, you’re damn right you do. That’ll learn ya to stick your nose where it’s not wanted.

Say what you want, at least it’s shorter than all the other podcasts.

110 thoughts on “What's all this, then?”

  1. Seems like it took forever getting to the jump. Whew. I’m a bit late getting into the game, but here are three more:

    None, that’s a hardware problem.

    Well it could happen!


  2. Pray silence for the second by second report from WWDC and let’s give him a big hand,
    HHHHHhhhhhhhuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrraaaaaaah etc., etc..

  3. There we were, getting on quite nicely, when in bursts this Moltzman and buggers the system up. Anyone would think he owns the place.

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