19 thoughts on “Daring Fireball, the song”

  1. So, when do the Daring Fireball Ghost Shirts go on sale? They’re in Pow Wow now in San Francisco. What’s the hold up?

  2. This one is much less creepy than the previous Gruber-centric post. That’s a plus. Now, how about a post about, I don’t know, some crazy Apple rumor? Ya know, just to mix it up a bit?

  3. What is this ‘baseball’ of which you speak?

    This post is further evidence of the Gruber-Moltz-Hybrid. Notice that you never see Gruber and hear Moltz’s voice in the same shot *at the same time*, hmmmm?

    Very ‘clark-wayne’.

  4. Last night I was watching the likes of Thin Lizzy, Mark Knopfler,Deep Purple, BB King, Slow Hand but that was the best.

    When I can write sings like that, I shall deem suicide as a pleasurable event.

  5. I guess «base-ball» is a kind of degenerated cricket.

    And I guess that Mr Gruber is a kind of degenerated Moltz ; like a first gross attempt.

    And, finally, that song is awful. The choirs are frightening. I feel like lost in an unknown devastated town infested by zombies. And my brains are awesomely tasty.

  6. First, I gouged my eyes out over the weird Gruber painting from a few weeks back.

    I just perforated my own ear drums after listening to this.

    If there’s a Gruber-related smellovision clip waiting out there, despite my face, I will have to cut off my nose.

    This is getting out of control. I think Moltz might need an intervention.

  7. In a parallel universe not so very different from our own, that was a much better video. Said video is entitled “CARS.”

    What? There’s already a song with that name?

    I guess that means Moltz really is Gruber–in a parallel universe.

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