47 thoughts on “CARS takes a look at Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO”

  1. But MW, if Tim Cook is John Gruber and Moltz is Gruber, then Tim Cook is John Moltz!

    Del — Fire up the critter factory. I think we have a special end-of-times condition.

  2. My Pantsâ„¢ are vetting his pants. We’ll keep you advised.

    About the teeth… yeah… but at least his hair is nice.

  3. Hmm. I like Tim, but he’s not very ethnically diverse. I’d like to see something in a cross between Jackie Chan and Old Spice Guy. With a laser mounted on his head.

  4. I was in a band with a guitarist called Tim Cook.


    I have nothing more to add. Move along.

  5. BroMu,

    I was in a band with an exotic dancer, bit like the bloke in Boney M, called BroMu.

    Correct phrase as taught at Hendon is, “Move along there.” or “There’s nothing to see so move along there.” if you have enough breath left.

  6. 頑張って、クックさん‼
    [Do your best, Tim!]

    [Thank you for everything you’ve done, Steve!]


  7. Bahahahah I forgot there was a main post!!!

    I think he will do marvelously once we graft on a few more arms.

  8. I have to add that his name is particularly outstanding for “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” I mean, Cap’n Cook says it all.

  9. Actually, I was just kidding…

    That picture is of Tim Cook wearing his other shirt.

  10. He looks like a football coach from the SEC.
    Recruitin: “Ma’am first things first. We want to make sure yer boy gets a fine edyacation.”
    Talkin to the board: “Runnin a apple place can’t tougher en beatin ‘Bama.”

  11. Goodbye Apple! Looks like another Sculley. Not a “product” man like Jobs. Just another process man.

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