Janet Jackson's Boob Turned Down Apple Ad

Sources at Chiat/Day indicate that Apple had originally planned to have its own ad during yesterday’s Super Bowl. The ad was reported to feature pop singer Janet Jackson’s boob but negotiations between Apple and the boob broke down and the boob eventually turned down Apple’s offer.

One source said that during the ad’s development, Apple and the boob clashed over “creative differences”.

According to the source, “The boob kept talking about this ‘other boob’ it knew and how it thought it would be great if both boobs were seen using a variety of Apple products, from the iPod to the XServe.”

But Apple was keen on just having the right boob which is widely considered the more talented of Jackson’s two boobs.

“But even that boob was nothing but trouble. It showed up late to all the preliminary meetings…

“And it was often drunk.”

The boob’s agent, A. Edward Thorsten, vehemently denied these accusations and said that, to the contrary, it was the boob that was mistreated by Apple.

“Ms. Jackson’s boob made every effort in good faith to work with Apple on an advertisement, but Apple provided no visible means of support to my ample client. Plus, they were always staring at the boob and there was a lot of schoolboy tittering, if you’ll excuse the word, whenever the boob was around.

Thorsten did say that his client was eventually pleased with the exposure it received during the Super Bowl.

While Ms. Jackson’s boob has soured on any future deal with Apple, the company is reportedly still interested in working with some major entertainer’s boobs in the future.