The CARS Color Controversy Continues.

Well, the reaction to yesterday’s color was not enthusiastic. It was also not terribly accurate.

The answer I was looking for is…


Yes, bile.

Oooh, I’m sorry. So many of you were so very close but just not quite there. I heard comparisons to various other kinds of bodily ejecta but… well, the correct answer was bile.


Ask for it by name in your grocer’s deli.

Now, today’s color is obviously in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This is a color of Chet’s own devising (I’m not sure how he was able to do that with web safe colors but he assures me it’s true) which he has whimsically named “Erin Go Bra-less”.

That, of course, in reference to Erin who works over at the Kinko’s and… well… sometimes when she bends over to change the toner…

OK, well, you can see where that’s going.

Anyway, I don’t expect to hear any complaining about this color scheme. I mean, you like the Irish… don’t you?

Besides, now that we’ve figured out how to change the color, we think we’re just going to do it every day. It’s kind of fun!

At least it will be until Masako gets back…

With the anger and the yelling and the jabbing forks of death and the running and the screaming and the “MY EYES! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!” and the “Throw me the whip!”, “Throw me the idol!”, “Throw me the whip!”, “Throw me the idol!”…

…aaaaand so on.

Still, word on the Streets of Cupertino indicates that CARS’ color conundrum has even reached the hallowed halls of One Infinite Loop! Yes, at a hastily arranged meeting of Apple’s board, a resolution was passed condemning the whole exercise and demanding that CARS return to its previous form.

Sheesh, I don’t know where those guys find the time.

But, as a licensed Apple rumors site…

Oh, you didn’t know we’re licensed? Oh, yeah. We all have to get licensed by Apple. SpyMac… Mac OS Rumors… Mac Rumors… Apple Insider… The Rumor Hut… Ted’s Big Shack O’ Apple Rumors…

As a licensed Apple rumors site, we have thirty days to comply or face stiff penalties. For example, I may no longer be able to get the local Apple sales tech support guy to buy my liquor and pick up my dinner for me.

That would suck.

So, between Masako coming back and Apple sanctions… we’re all thinking about skipping town early next week.