17 Mar 04The CARS Color Controversy Continues.

Well, the reaction to yesterday’s color was not enthusiastic. It was also not terribly accurate.

The answer I was looking for is…


Yes, bile.

Oooh, I’m sorry. So many of you were so very close but just not quite there. I heard comparisons to various other kinds of bodily ejecta but… well, the correct answer was bile.


Ask for it by name in your grocer’s deli.

Now, today’s color is obviously in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This is a color of Chet’s own devising (I’m not sure how he was able to do that with web safe colors but he assures me it’s true) which he has whimsically named “Erin Go Bra-less”.

That, of course, in reference to Erin who works over at the Kinko’s and… well… sometimes when she bends over to change the toner…

OK, well, you can see where that’s going.

Anyway, I don’t expect to hear any complaining about this color scheme. I mean, you like the Irish… don’t you?

Besides, now that we’ve figured out how to change the color, we think we’re just going to do it every day. It’s kind of fun!

At least it will be until Masako gets back…

With the anger and the yelling and the jabbing forks of death and the running and the screaming and the “MY EYES! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!” and the “Throw me the whip!”, “Throw me the idol!”, “Throw me the whip!”, “Throw me the idol!”…

…aaaaand so on.

Still, word on the Streets of Cupertino indicates that CARS’ color conundrum has even reached the hallowed halls of One Infinite Loop! Yes, at a hastily arranged meeting of Apple’s board, a resolution was passed condemning the whole exercise and demanding that CARS return to its previous form.

Sheesh, I don’t know where those guys find the time.

But, as a licensed Apple rumors site…

Oh, you didn’t know we’re licensed? Oh, yeah. We all have to get licensed by Apple. SpyMac… Mac OS Rumors… Mac Rumors… Apple Insider… The Rumor Hut… Ted’s Big Shack O’ Apple Rumors…

As a licensed Apple rumors site, we have thirty days to comply or face stiff penalties. For example, I may no longer be able to get the local Apple sales tech support guy to buy my liquor and pick up my dinner for me.

That would suck.

So, between Masako coming back and Apple sanctions… we’re all thinking about skipping town early next week.

No Responses to “The CARS Color Controversy Continues.”

  1. alienzed says:

    Can someone tell the Entity to stop testing his devices in my dreams every wednesday…?

  2. deepkid says:

    The green is vibrant. I like it.

  3. Leibnitz, N. says:

    Mr. Kid:

    I had a golf ball this color once. I still lost it.

    Courtney Love was vibrant today, which is to say, she lost it.

    If you like this green, you’ve lost it.

  4. fidget says:

    Plaid! We need a nice neon-green and Blaze Orange plaid!

  5. Winkyworks says:

    Dear Mr. Moltz,

    We’re sorry to have to break this news to you, but due to an unfortunate accident we will not be able to continue delivery of your ‘Lectric Lime electrophotographic screen coating.

    We do still have a large amount of the Pink Pretty Princess you have repeatedly asked about, please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to go forward with this order.

    Also please stop with the barking phone calls, our secretary is quite unnerved, I’m sure you understand.

    Your Faithful Servant,


    President, Winkyworks World of Wonderful Crap

  6. John Moltz says:

    Dear Winky,

    If you could please delivery 400 gallons of Pretty Pink Princess by Friday, that would suit our plans.

    Thank you for your sincere efforts in these trying times.


    John Moltz


  7. Duncan says:

    Oh thank you very much. Just how am I supposed to discreetly read your site at work when you have chosen a colour usually reserved for children’s toys, warning signs and the detailed edging on Tina’s thong at Spearmint Rhino (looks great under UV).

    I need dull colours, greys, muted blues, some lines and numbers so that it looks like a spreadsheet. If you want to maintain your readership you either need to improve the quality of the rumouring (is that even a verb? You rumour, he rumours, I have all the facts).

    Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, improve things so that I am willing to spend my own time reading it at home or dull it down so that I can read it at work whilst getting paid to do something else.

  8. Oziguana says:

    ok, some of you guys are distinctly wierd.

    I just thought you should all know that. you should also know this:

    a) more entity porn! (good thinking tim)

    b) get over forks… its much more fun when Masako “spoons” you, but unfortunately doesn’t lead to as many dirty asian prostitute jokes.

    c)I recommend tomorrows colour to be “Howard-Poo brown” in honour of our canine buddy.


  9. kirabug says:

    Isn’t this the same color that caused the AtAT staff to say, “We’d say that it’s growing on us, but you’d be amazed how many people can misinterpret a simple statement like “this glowing green color is starting to grow on us.” and “Well, as AtAT’s resident fact-checker and Goddess of Minutiae Katie points out, the reason no one’s made a Key Lime toy yet is because it would scare small children”?

  10. wwc says:

    I never appreciated just how many, um, suprising colors there were.

    Other shallow thoughts . . .

    My daughter loves pink and princesses. On that day you will get at least one new viewer (note, since she doesn’t read yet, when she starts to read I may have to ban this site. . . .)

    This comments thing is starting to take up more time in my life.

    A discreet color would help with reading at work. Could you have an alternative front page for those reading at work? Like


  11. ! says:

    It’s people! You’re wathcing people!

  12. Oziguana says:

    Ok if some dick like above is going to do this in every comments page i will be an angry lizard. Grrrrr… fear my wrath. (wroth? wreth?) ummm… be afraid of my anger.

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