08 Apr 04Mac Users Missing Out On Extreme Parliament Action.

In a disappointing display of Mac marginalization, a Macintouch reader report indicates that the audio portion of Windows Media streams of British Parliament sessions does not come through on the Macintosh.

The result is that Mac users will be unable to enjoy the wave of Parliament-mania that is sweeping the globe.

At the dorms of Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., sophomores Rick Levert and Topher Callaghan described the excitement that is British Parliament, while watching a continued stream on their Windows XP machines.

“I remember I was just surfing around one day and saw this link to extreme Parliament action,” Levert said. “I clicked on it and watched Lord Evans of Temple Guiting totally take this guy down! I don’t remember who it was…”

“Lord Roper,” Callaghan mumbled, shoving a fistful of popcorn into his mouth while continuing to unblinkingly watch the Parliament stream.

“Yeah, Lord Roper,” Levert said. “Anyway, I was hooked then and there.

“I think what’s so totally amazing about it is how the action builds! It’ll start with a simple ‘Will the gentleman yield?!’ Then the guy goes with a ‘I would like to ask the gentleman…’ Now he’s got him! He can ask him anything he wants! So he hits him with some detailed question about the Pensions Bill! Boom! If the poor sap doesn’t know the answer off the top of his head, he’s got to read it from some position paper! And you know the other side’s gonna yell ‘READING!’ because the dude’s just reading it, which is totally lame, while the other dude’s dudes are going to yell ‘HEAR-HEAR!’ to try to support him!

“Oh, man, it is wild!”

“Oh, dude, did you see that?!” Callaghan suddenly called out, pointing at the screen with a butter-covered finger. “Geoffrey Clifton-Brown just totally filibustered Right Honorable Richard Caborn! Whoo-hoo! Yeah!”

Levert and Callaghan laughed excitedly and exchanged high-fives.

Meanwhile, across campus, Mac user Dave Simms was struggling to get into Parliament-mania with no audio.

“I think that guy just told that other guy the bill has to go back to committee,” Simms said. “But I’m not sure.

“I’m sure it’s a lot more exciting with the audio,” Simms concluded.

Mac users are urged to contact the British Parliament’s web site and demand a QuickTime stream.

No Responses to “Mac Users Missing Out On Extreme Parliament Action.”

  1. Spiro T. Agnew says:

    Let me be the first to say it, “Sexbots”

  2. Adam Jackson says:

    darn almost first post !

  3. curl says:

    But where does the right honorable Prime Minister stand on the important Teletubby issue? And will Liam Gallagher be allowed to emigrate?

  4. Alex Kinnison says:

    George Clinton shall hear of this!


  5. Alex Kinnison says:

    If you didn’t get that, then I’ll be a comin over with the Bop gun.


  6. fuddes says:


  7. kman says:

    You’re getting there John, one of these days, you’ll actually have a quality show.


    under the os 9 platform you see the parliament and you hear commentary from a division 1 2 or 3 football match.

    if wishing to hear the scotish parliament you’ll hear an archived old firm derby match.

    if wishing to listen to the welsh parliament you’ll hear an archived match of wales v italy from the 6 nations championship.

    but in ireland you’ll hear commentary on a great galic football match !

  9. Walter Mondale says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to contact Microsoft and demand a version of Windows Media Player that doesn’t suck as much?

  10. Spiro T. Agnew says:

    Demand something from Microsoft? What a great idea. We can threaten to take out business elsewhere. That’ll terrify them.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t it make much more sense to watch the mac-friendly CSPAN feed?

  12. Brother Mugga says:

    I’m somewhat surprised that you know so much about the yawn-worthy House of Commons, John.

    Not so much jaw-saggage, however, over your gravitation towards lots of men wearing stockings and wigs in the House of Lords.

    Mmmmmm – Lords; ermine . . . so . . . so . . . soft . . . so teasing . . . so . . .

    Oh, um . . . sorry, where was I again…?

    Brother Mugga

    PS: The G5 still rocks . . . which is more than I can say for the ‘music’ I’ve ripped onto it.

  13. David says:

    John, you probably don’t need your ego stroked, but funny stuff, man. 🙂 And everything’s funnier when the Brittish are involved, so it’s like a double-whammy… Nay, it *is* a double-whammy!

  14. Oziguana says:

    Yeah its not only Safari, but IE as well. In both cases, it gives that error message. what a nuisance! I was looking forward to hearing about reforms to the north London sewrage system.

  15. Jere says:

    Holy colleges, cows and contentment, I’m at Carleton! And there’s definitely people here who would get hooked on British Parliament streams. I doubt it would get as big as the Jim Lehrer fan club, though.

  16. Leo says:

    Living in the UK, we have a whole TV channel for this stuff, in full screen digital quality! It’s called ‘BBC Parliment’.

  17. jaywn says:


    …uh… I mean….

  18. Richard Osmond says:

    As a holder of both UK and Canadian passports, can I just say this sort of humour (note spelling please) is for the birds.

    No ok, it’s pretty funny. One thing though – as far as I’m aware, the States is the only country in the world to have the bizarre concept of filibustering. Which is why a couple of seasons ago in the West Wing they had to spend almost an entire episode explaining it. The Bristish House of Lords, even if they DID have filibustering, would not refer to it using such an obviously crass and made-up American word. 🙂

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