We’re off next week

But we’ll leave this thread open for you to talk amongst yourselves. Please take this as an opportunity to bond with your fellow Mac users.
Jeez, this place is going to be on fire when we come back, isn’t it.

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  1. *flops and flails around in the water/cheez whiz/ tequilla*
    *jumps up*
    is it too late to join the party – we should party all week and stuff, yeah yeah yeah yeah!
    *dances with del*
    *dances a jig*
    la la la la la la la la!
    Woo! woo! woo! woo!
    We’re num-ber wa-waaaaaan! heh!
    *shakes and jives*
    *dances with a sexbot*
    Hey baby, did I ever tell you you have nice LED’s?
    *drinks coffee*
    Lets get it on people……..

  2. Thanks for the dance Cai. Your looking better now that you are all re-hydrated.
    Hmm the box finally stopped burning but it’s still sitting their. Sure it is charred, but it still looks mostly ok. It is a little creepy.
    Bill’s right. The boxes do know where I live.. I live in the MegaPost.
    *pulls out hatchet*
    All right box. It’s just you and me. I’m not letting you suck the life out of anymore MegaPosters. You can leave now and go to a different CARS post, but you can’t stay here anymore.

  3. aha!
    Fear not, ye fair maiden!
    For I, Cai, will take care of yonder box nasty!
    *grabs the box and lifts it above his head*
    *runs out of the megapost*

  4. *saunters back into the post*
    Fear not, forsooth! I have taken care of box nasty and deposited said creature/box-thing into another post!
    Now fair maiden Dell, you may put away the hatchet…..forsooth!
    You ARE going to put your big chopper away arnt you? muh lady?
    muh lady?
    is your eye twitching muh lady?

  5. Thank you Cai for removing the box. I’d hate for it to have killed any MegaPosters. There aren’t enough of us as it is.
    Do I have to put away the big knife? It’s all shiny and I haven’t gotten to hack anyone..thing I meant thing to bits yet.
    Where did that Mariachi Band go? They keep playing guantanamera over and over again. I wanted to *TALK* to them about that.

  6. Um, Del? Please be nice. The Mariachi band guys have been pretty good so far. Don’t hack off anything, um, well, er…
    Oh, go for it. They have been quite annoying.

  7. Whoo hooo. Mariachi Band Guys you can run, but you can’t hide…. Mostly because we already burned down all the good hiding places.

  8. Why are you running Mariachi Band Guys? Del just wants to talk. That evil gleam in her eye is always there, don’t pay any attention to it.

  9. Hey, guys? Gal?
    If you can leave the Mariachi guys alone for a moment, what ever became of that dark figure what rose up out of the flames of one of those boxes?
    Just wondering… might be important… what with the sinister implications of it an’ all.

  10. Hey, Huck, you’re closest to Cai. Could you give him a little tap on the side of the head? He seems to be stuck.

  11. Your right Bill. I had completely forgot about the dark figure. I guess I thought maybe I had accidentally charred JJJ Smith since we hadn’t heard from him in a while and it was him.

  12. Guys our 1000 posts have been rewarded. Remember how it was promised that after the 1000 post we would have a Dancing Masako. Read todays CARS
    “Masako’s not moving either. Except in the larger sense that we are all moving, hurtling through space on this great spaceship called Earth. And in the micro sense that the atoms that make up her body are moving, in constant interaction with each other.”
    Atoms in her body are moving, in constant interaction… That sounds like dancing to me. WOOOOHOOOOOOO

  13. so, after the whole 98, 99, 100 thing, I got all scared that everyone was going to get all huffy, what with me stealing all the spotlight and everything. now that it’s over 1,000, and steamrolling on to 2,000, figured I could get back in on this action.
    I really don’t have much of a life.

  14. I can’t believe I haven’t added to the Mega-post.
    Maybe I did under an assumed name, don’t remember.
    All Hail Winky!

  15. And…
    Here’s the windup…
    …and the pitch…
    …a kick to the nuts! That’s right, folks! The dark figure has kicked online casino in the nuts! He’s going down! It’s all over!
    Thank you, Dark Figure, whoever you may be….

  16. *punches air*
    yeah baby!
    I can see the swelling from here!
    *does the dances*
    *sings* he’s got a bro-ken nut-sack
    *sings* he’s got a bro-ken nut-sack

  17. Hey, did anybody hear that Steve underwent a brainectomy this weekend?
    I guess it was just a crazy rumor, then.
    I also heard that he had some prostate cancer thingy. That sounds a bit less, um, crazy, doesn’t it?
    Hey, Steve, while you’re recovering, and we KNOW you read the MegaPost, feel free to join in the discussion here!
    Or save your strength and get better soon. Hell, posting to the MegaPost can be taxing at times. You have to run in and kick the spambots (and their alter ego, Free iPodMini) in the nuts every now and then, and I’m guessing that won’t be so easy having just had some surgery.
    Yeah, on second thought, stay away from the MegaPost. You might get caught in the crossfire…. Crossfire? Guns? No, maybe “cross-kicking.”

  18. Hey! Guess what! It wasn’t his prostate after all!
    It was his PANCREAS!

  19. Yeah….totally unexpected and stuff…..MacMinute is carrying a copy of the full internal e-mail he sent….
    quite, quite weird…..in a way!

    Just saved the HTML of Mega Post onto my machine. No images, no stylesheets, just HTML. It’s 442Kb.
    That’s, like, about 40% of a minute’s worth of music encoded in mp3!

  21. Anyone here interested in iFlame safety?
    There are a bunch of iFlames in the corner. Have fun playing with them and… Umm… don’t burn down the MegaPost. That’s the safety part.

  22. re: Small Paul
    well, I for one, will not be contributing to this getting any bigger.
    nor will I post here frivolously just to hear myself type.
    and I will certainly not add to the size of the MegaPost, nor will I advocate the enlarging of it to MP3 file size.
    So there!

  23. yes yes!
    I too would be eager to hear these reasons?
    Do you not love the Megapost!
    it love you back, you know!!

  24. I, too, wish to comment on the nature of the commentary required in order to inflate the collosal nature of the MegaPost into a size much larger than its previously-measured size, as ascertained by the measurement reported previously by an individual known only within these confines as “Small Paul.”
    No, forget it. That’s WAY too much work.

  25. I think with all this time away Mr.Moltz is spending, pobably through no fault of his own and for good reason, we should start a takeover of the CARS site and turn it into the Megapost site with Crazy Apple Rumors…..
    Can anyone verify that the Megapost is larger than all previous days posting put together? That would be something…..
    I’m sure we’re almost there!!!

  26. oh…no you don’t Mr. (or Mrs. or Ms.) Del. You won’t get me to add anything here. Nope. Not gonna do it.
    Sure, maybe some others may get fooled into posting, but you won’t catch me doing it.
    This is me not posting ANYTHING.
    Take that!

  27. Oh man I thought I had tricked you. Your to smart for me.
    You need to keep us updated on your not posting though. If you don’t we’ll forget about it and not realize your protest.

  28. Good idea Cai!
    We should send the lesbian midget ninja sexbots to infiltrate the rest of CARS to prepare the way for us. Or else maybe we could check with AtAt and see if by chance when they took over the compound they made copies of the keys that we could use for our coup. It would be a lot easier than having to do any breaking or entering.

  29. Now theres an idea….maybe while we’re at the AtAt cupboard we can take them over too…….

  30. Well they haven’t updated their site in a few days. We should be able to sneak in unnoticed.

  31. heh!
    Just posted at AtAT – we might get some feedback……..
    *drinks some coffee*
    coffee I love it
    the megapost demands it
    kiss the flame baby!

  32. *smooch*
    Ouch that hurts.
    No more kissing the flame for me. I should have taught that in my iFlame safety class.

  33. Day-1, Lesson-1
    Dont kiss the iFlame!!
    Any takers on kissing Dels lips better?
    If you want to, I’ll have to charge you the obligatory rate ya know!

  34. Okay, this has gone far enough. Thought you could sneak in while we were all concerned about Steve did you? Well we’re on to your trick.
    Say, which pill did you take today, the red pill or the blue pill?

  35. I’m sure I have no idea what you mean?!?!
    pill? Oh….I dont need to take those pills….for I am….
    the muffin-itect!
    yes yes…..I’ve been expecting you….baldprof.
    we welcome you with muffiny goodness…….

  36. Yummmm!
    I smelled muffins from afar and came to the MegaPost — I sensed that the smell originated from here.
    Ooooh, I see cranberry muffins, and orange cranberry muffins with cream cheese baked inside, and I see poppy seed muffins, and I see bannana nut muffins (don’t ask about the nuts), and I see blueberry muffins all homemade from the freshest ingredients. Boy am I glad I came back — although I was frightened by that box a few days ago.
    Yes I ran and ran and ran — That’s how badly the box scared me — I ran right past the AtAt compound — but they wouldn’t let me in.
    It was then that I smelled the muffins, the home-made muffins. So I decided to come back.
    Oh how I’ve missed the MegaPost.
    I’ve missed it so much I think I must kneel down and kiss the ground.
    *Kneels down and kisses ground*
    Ooooh, Cheese Whiz!

  37. Mmm, Hi there Mister Thomas,
    *Places one hand on hip and other hand behind head*
    There’s nothing like a couple of big warm muffins to start the day is there?
    *Slowly wets lips with tongue*
    Mmm, so ya seen Cai or Huck around lately. I’m feeling like I want to play and Huck’s got that really impressive leg and Cai, well Cai is just Cai.
    *Sultry giggle*

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