02 Jul 04Oh!

Forgot to mention it, but we’re off on Monday. Holiday, dontcha know. See you Tuesday.

This is not part of the Mega-Post family of posts.

No Responses to “Oh!”

  1. FIRST POST BABY! says:

    Hehe, first time doing this and I WIN!

  2. FIRST POST BABY! w/ a name that starts with K says:

    No really… okay this is sad.. someone else post!

  3. Colin Cornaby says:

    You may have the first post, but I have the third post.

    I know where you live, don’t mess with me.

  4. JAV says:

    It’s not a holiday in Canada.

  5. oh America! says:

    There’s an old joke where we say “Canada Celebrates July 4th!” We then pause for a bit before continuing, “And July 5th, and 6th and 7th…”

    But we don’t celebrate Canada day in the USA. You might that in your thinking took, eh?

  6. arkane whoop says:

    Lemme guess: you actually saw the G5-iMacs and now you have to go for a looooong “vacation”?

    Like, ’till september? So you won’t blab?

  7. Sleep says:

    It’s 4:18 AM. Yeah. I am the insomnia king!

  8. Pierre Trudeau says:

    Boxing Day rules.

  9. Cyanide says:

    Would you like some cheese?

  10. That’s correct, the real, and only true mega-post can be found at the address linked to below on the “posted by” line. The son-of-megapost was immediately kicked out of the house for sucking so bad, so it’s not exactly “part of the family” as you say. Do visit, for there is still a small community there — apparently thriving on kicking an advertiser who inadvertently interrupted the discussion.


  11. Not-a-megapost Poster says:

    This is not the mega-post.

  12. Cai says:

    Mega Post forever, babies!!!

  13. Del says:

    And remember as always the Mega-Post will love and protect you. Even if you commit a felony.

  14. mick says:

    Which holiday are you celebrating?

    Wood Pellet BBQA Introduction Day?


  15. pran says:

    “This is not part of the Mega-Post family of posts”…

    YES IT IS.

  16. Jerry says:

    People, people, people. Don’t you have anything better to post about than posting?

  17. Anonymous says:

    yeah, why post about posting when you can post about people posting about people posting about posting?

    it’s way meta.

  18. Huck says:

    I’ll post about you, baby!

  19. Butthead says:

    He hehe hehehe. He said ‘Post’.

  20. barkingTurtle says:

    Has anyone seen my gerbal?

  21. Joe says:

    Hey! Holiday is over! Get back to work! I need my update!

  22. barkingTurtle says:

    Do you smell that?

  23. Cyanide says:

    It’s tuesday! WHERE IS THE POST? *gets out the whip, taps foot*

  24. Dwartz Farquhartz says:

    Has anyone noticed that Safari RSS has porn browsing built in?


  25. Huck says:

    That’s the unmistakeable scent of someone spelling “gerbal” like “herbal” when it should be “gerbil”