Rejected iBook Promotional Pictures.

Sources in Apple marketing forwarded the following rejected promotional pictures for the new iBooks to Crazy Apple Rumors Site.

Apple eventually chose an image of a snowboarder to highlight the hip nature of the updated iBooks, but each of the following images were considered at one point for a variety of reasons.

Attempting to woo people who like pie, Apple briefly considered an image of people stuffing their fat faces with pie. Concerned over losing even the admittedly small group of people who don’t like pie, however, Apple marketing rejected this image.

Then they went out for pie because, seriously, you can’t sit around talking about pie for long without gettin’ yourself some pie.

Carnies are well-known to be demographically skewed toward using the Macintosh and the iBook in particular, so they seemed a natural for the iBook image.

But they’re just fricking creepy, so this image was only briefly considered.

A tiled image of three lumpy Star Wars geeks was never seriously under consideration.

34 thoughts on “Rejected iBook Promotional Pictures.”

  1. Make fun of who? I think you mean, “Boba… FATT!”







    Oh man, I am like a comic genius.

  2. On second thought, Boba not nearly so fat as the other two.

    I withdraw my comment.

    But I will say, “Sand Person? More like Sand –FAT– Person!”

  3. I dunno, Goatse could “open” a big “hole” in the market for Apple to “pentrate” with the iBook.

  4. Paragraph three, line one: ‘an images’. Singular artical, plural noun mixup. Hilarious !

  5. I love how much casual hatred of fat people there is in society. I hope one day they figure out not to be obese ^.^

  6. Yeah, ‘cos then we can finally move on to taking the piss out of ‘trophy’ types with sticking-out ears.

    Man, those freaks crack me up.

    In fact, I reckon a lot of those lardies only got that way so their ginormous ears would look relatively normal.

    PS: Shouldn’t the pictured Bobba have *two* jet-packs. You know . . . one for each cheek…

  7. It’s not so much that they are lumpy, but that they are, most likely, middle-aged guys still playing dress-up.

    Although the pie-eaters and the carny are also totally arrested-development types too.

    If you want to use idiots to sell computers, lay off. Dell’s got that area sewed up.

  8. So this is the web! Cool! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to check it out until now. Whew, finally I have time to sit back and surf! Yow, it’s exciting. What do you guys do during down time? Got any hobbies? Follow any sports? What’s a Mac? I got this Dell thing someone set up for me. Is there a Crazy Dell Rumors too? Maybe next week I’ll try me some email!

  9. Squeal, huff, oooo-baby, um…er…

    Let me interrupt my rehearsal for a minute to register my complaint that Apple didsn’t even consider a porn version of the ad. I mean, how do people make their money on the Internet if not for port (and Mac rumors of course)?

    I hereby offer my body to the first one who can take picture of me to send to Apple’s ad agency.

    Any takers?

  10. Whilst the image is indeed a single article, ‘a’ ,’an’ and ‘the’ are all ‘singular articles’.

  11. I am not John Moltz… the *real* John Moltz has taken no precaution against imposters like me!

  12. Hey, if we can get video feed of the new stories we should be able to get audio feed of the comments.

    That would rock! Course I would have to listen to it with headphones on because some of the people at work would not find it “appropriate language or humor”

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