05 Nov 04Nothing today

Apparently we don’t have to be called in to vote again because the e-vote machines failed as I suggested would happen the other day.

But, from what I understand, that’s only because we voted by mail.

Still, no story today, eh, because it’s my birthday.

See you Monday.

54 Responses to “Nothing today”

  1. Gunkulator says:

    51… President John Moltz’s true age next year.

    Moltz is sooo cooool! Thank you for all the entertainment you have given me and my sexbots.

    and Last

  2. MacStansbury says:

    what is with you people? will you just let these comments die? die an old, painful death?

    ooo, speaking of death, time for Scrubs, on NBC!

  3. bear says:

    I only watch TV with Heather Locklear…she used to be in Scrubs, didn’t she?

  4. MacStansbury says:

    What they do with Scrubs every year is sort of pick a hottie of the season…in Season 1 it was Elizabeth Bogush, Season 2 it was Heather AND Amy Smart, Season 3 was Tara “somebody tell me” Reid, and this year it’s Heather Graham.

    No, I don’t know who Elizabeth Bogush is, either. Well, she was funny and I liked her. Yeah, she’s no Amy Smart…but who is?

    Besides Amy Smart. She’s Amy Smart.

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