Analysts Agree Mac Mini Represents New Paradigm For Apple And Blah, Blah, Blah.

After Apple’s blockbuster announcement of a sub-$500 Mac, the Mac Mini, technology pundits have been asking just what this means for the company known for premium products. According to analysts, the Mac Mini represents a crucial paradigm shift for Apple and blah, blah, blah.

Lehman Brothers’ Daniel Niles said “Apple has finally made it’s move to the low end of the market. This is key to the company’s future financial success and yadda, yadda, yadda.

“It’s important to note that Steve Jobs woodle, woodle, woodle and market share a-hey nonny, nonny a-plinnnnng.”

But Niles isn’t the only Apple follower pointlessly running at the mouth over the Mac Mini.

“The Mac Mini is one-of-a-kind in design innovation and it provides a low-cost value proposition that will appeal to those who aren’t already using a Mac,” said the New York Times’ David Pogue.

“But moreover, a-loodle doo-woop dee bang-a-wang. Now Apple has a wocka-wocka ding dong and the enterprise market skip to the loo, my darling.”

Analysts went on to drone on and on about core competencies, mind-share and something about strategic product symmetry or some crap like that, before dancing wildly about their offices flailing their arms and singing show tunes.

56 thoughts on “Analysts Agree Mac Mini Represents New Paradigm For Apple And Blah, Blah, Blah.”

  1. Has anyone seen my Dad? He said he’d pick me up here after Football practice…. He’s running a few days late now, and this Mongoose keeps staring at me as it drives by!

  2. The nieuwe Mac mini is een heel aantrekkelijk product dat een groot deel van de computer markt naar zich toe zal trekken.

    Aldus een woordvoerder van de consumentenbond, voordat hij door een IT neergestoken werd.

    Translation: The Mac mini (lowercase m) is a very compelling product that will succeed in yee, yee, hi, lallaala fleeeep.

    (translation excludes biting remark about dutch consumer organistion who always rated Apple products badly)

  3. In a recent letter to Vogue magazine, Jonathon Saint Du Pont asks;

    “Which handbag do you think would go best with my Mac Mini? I’m stuck between the Louis Vuitton and the Versace. Then again I’ve got a darling little Gucci that might be just the job.”

  4. When picking up his Mac Mini at a post office in Auchtermuchty,Scotland an angry customer was overheard saying;

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    I feel short-changed.

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  8. Let’s not forget the whole

    “… the mini isn’t so in expensive. You can get a really stripped down Dell that is not really comparable to the mini for less money … blah, blah … (head implodes).

  9. Say it with me!

    Heidi-heidi-heidi-HO! (Heidi-heidi-heidi-HO!)

    Heedee-Heedee-Heedee-HI! (Heedee-Heedee-Heedee-HI!)

    Etc.-Etc.! (Etc.-Etc.!)


    (Whoa. I went way back into the Archives for that one.)

  10. Pull it together people! Don’t you realize what you are doing is wrong? You can’t follow the rumor so closely and you DEFINITELY can’t pull in characters from old posts. Get a grip people, don’t turn this place into some other straight-laced rumor site. We are velcro people.

  11. Velcro is for wimps.

    I prefer leather straps.

    Let’s just say it keeps everything more secure……wink…wink….nudge…nudge.

  12. By the way. Who out there in CARS land is listening to Tom Waits, drinking a pitcher of piña coladas, and brushing up on music theory?

    Anybody?……..or is it just me?

    Holy crap……I’ve been drinking for the last 2 hrs. and I still have not accomplished a thing.

    Oh well it’s Friday……..Yeeeee…Haaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  13. We are velcro, not leather straps. (Velcro sounds cool.)

    The real question for you, Del, is whether you were legal or not. Being illegal makes a horribly nasty and wrong thing so much worse.

  14. Velcro may sound cool, but leather feels soooooo much better.

    And I’m sure that Del was beyond the age of majority. The mighty Del would not stoop so low.

  15. Psyko, I don’t know which one to tell you. You make such a compelling case for both legal and illegal.

    I can’t help the show tunes The Phantom. I grew up watching musicals.

    *Del starts singing showtunes*

    Great now I need to find my “My fair lady”, “Guy’s and Dolls” and many Gene Kelly DVD’s. It will give me something to watch while I’m home sick 🙁

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  17. No problem with the show tunes.

    But now that you bring up “Guys And Dolls”, I can’t help thinking about how Jerry Orbach just died.

    Maybe a table dance to “luck be a lady tonight” will cheer me up.

  18. Since we are singing Silly songs today:

    JOEL: Let’s go, Gamera!

    [music starts]

    ALL: Gamera! Gamera!

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    TOM: Dr. Forrester is kind of a jerk,

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    TOM: Everybody now!

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    Now we have Commercial Sign!

  19. I now have at least 5 Gamera MST3K episodes. The ones with Joel and that kid. And they’re in a TV control room, not an evil lair.

    Nothing like the original tapes. “Better than 60 minutes”

  20. OK, so it was more than once, but … you know, I was drunk Irish Car Bombs a couple of those times, so I hardly remember them … therefore they don’t count.

    Mmmm…. Irish Car Bombs… ughghghh…. ::drool::


  21. That’s a weird word, “barfly”.

    It looks like it should be pronounced “barf-lee” until you think about what it means. It’s like a really gross adverb, as in “He made his way barfly to the toilet stall.” Although, if it were an adverb, I suppose it would be “barfily.”


    Isn’t that the name of the dog in “Family Circus”? (No, it’s NOT “Family Circle”, despite the fact that it’s very often presented in a circular format!)

    Barf-lee, bar-fly, barf-lee, bar-fly.



  22. Dear Mr. Moltz,

    Where the hell is the Crazy Apple Help Desk??? It’s been over a month!

    Besides the great show tunes, it’s the only reason I visit your wonderfully beige site.



  23. Here a silly ditty that that could be CARS’ theme song!


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    – Rally Club

  24. So that’s why the page is so long today, it’s folks posting show tunes lyrics, MST3K transcripts and all manner of blah blah blah yackety schmackety, blah blah blah

    (props to Taz!)

  25. Show tunes are really dumb people. Get them out of your head. All but Bellidancer that is. My mom taught me that one, Bellidancer, and I think it is really cool.

  26. UhhhDude, that’s just wrong. The worst show tune is thousands of times better than nude Ballmer pics. Your example is like going from snowballs to atomic bombs. Gross escalation… gross… gross… gross!

  27. I’ve done a quick google and there don’t appear to be any so we’ll need to trick some up for you. I’ll get right on it.

  28. Streetrabbit, that is crossing the line. BIG TIME crossing the line. You had better not do anything of the sort.

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