20 Jun 05Nothing today

Fiddle Faddle or Screaming Yellow Zonkers?

Hellmann’s or Best Foods?

Soda or pop?

I predict a bloody battle in the comments section.

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  1. by by at Posted at by Posted June at by says:

    My milkshake scares everybody out of the yard.

    But why?

  2. lws1984 says:

    Well, up here in Boson, most people i know say pop! (including me)

  3. cpierce says:

    Soda vs Pop . . . Everyone I know (both South and North ~ originally from VA, but transplanted to FL) says “soda” ~ it seems to be an encompassing term for everything carbonated . . .

    Hellman’s vs Best Foods . . . Hellman’s for sure!! Long live Mayonnaise ~ not salad dressing! Once you’ve had real mayo, you won’t go back!

    Fiddle Faddle vs Screaming Yellow Zonkers . . . Crunch ‘N’ Munch every time! But at the risk of dating myself . . . what happened to Cracker Jacks?? Why didn’t they make the cut as a choice? Maybe ’cause the toys/prizes got so crappy?

  4. Coffin Dodger says:

    Over here in Yurop, pop is dad.

    postscript:- have an E-mail from Moltz dated 25th june. Does that mean he lives?

    Hmmmm, 300, that’s better.

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