Guy With 2400 Baud Modem Not All That Into Podcasting.

Sources close to Mac user Sean Lusk report that the 39-year-old claims adjuster has yet to warm to the podcasting juggernaut that has taken the Mac world by storm.

While Lusk provided several reasons for his lack of interest, he declined to pin it on his 2400 baud modem.

“It just doesn’t appeal to me, Lusk said, when reached at his Providence, Rhode Island home. “To me the act of reading plain text in a monospaced font on a white background is more visceral. I enjoy the written word and not gussied up with a lot of fancy type or images.”

Lusk also noted that during his 10 minute daily drive to work, he rarely bothers to turn the radio on.

“I hate those crazy morning shows,” Lusk said. “And the last thing I need is to download more of them from the Internet.”

Despite Lusk’s protestations to the contrary, those who know him well say it’s his modem that’s holding him back from downloading multi-megabyte files on a daily basis.

“Sean has a 2400 baud modem,” Lusk’s friend Tony Matthews said. “I’ve talked to him about this like a million times. We’ve even gone to look at cable modems and he says he just isn’t ready.

“Like he’s buying a fricking car or a Russian mail order bride. They’re, like, fifty bucks. The… cable modems… not the….

“Anyway, I don’t know what his deal is.”

When confronted about the issue, Lusk defended his choice of communications equipment.

“2400 baud is perfectly adequate for downloading any information worth consuming,” Lusk said.

“You know, if I wanted to hear people talk, I’d go to the movies. Someone’s always talking behind me. Pff. Don’t get me started on that.

“And another thing… what’s up with people who talk on cell phones in restaurants?”

“I’m just going to buy him a damn modem,” Matthews said. “Or, possibly, the mail order bride. Because I’m not sure which one he needs more.”