17 Aug 05No post today

Today’s our annual outing to an afternoon Mariners game, so we won’t have the time for the in-depth research that goes behind every Crazy Apple Rumors Site story.


What’s all that snickering about?

Well, anyway, today Jamie Moyer takes the mound against D.J. Carrasco in a battle between two teams last in their divisions.

And did I mention it’s raining?

Oh, well. They still serve beer and the Entity’s buying.

In the comments, please provide your opinion on the following:

Which is bigger – the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry or the Mac/PC rivalry?

56 Responses to “No post today”

  1. Psyko says:

    I think he is sick of us. We had better all change our names so he thinks we are gone.


  2. The poster formerly known as Anonymous says:

    Consider it done.

  3. Johnny Damon says:

    Go Sox!


  4. iBode says:

    I have nothing intelligent to say.

    I apologize.

  5. iReid iBode says:

    Hey Psyko-

    Just put MARK instead. Moltz isn’t smart enough to realize it’s you.

    Do you think he’ll recognize me since I added my first name?

  6. iBode says:

    Posting on every article in still listed in my Safari RSS feed.

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