No post today

Today’s our annual outing to an afternoon Mariners game, so we won’t have the time for the in-depth research that goes behind every Crazy Apple Rumors Site story.


What’s all that snickering about?

Well, anyway, today Jamie Moyer takes the mound against D.J. Carrasco in a battle between two teams last in their divisions.

And did I mention it’s raining?

Oh, well. They still serve beer and the Entity’s buying.

In the comments, please provide your opinion on the following:

Which is bigger – the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry or the Mac/PC rivalry?

56 thoughts on “No post today”

  1. Lazy Bums.

    I am not lazy enough not to post.

    And who cares about the Red Sox and Yankees?

    Oh yeah, 2nd now, but I’ll end up with 5th or something.

  2. “Which is bigger – the Red Sox/Yankees rivally or the Mac/PC rivallry?”

    That’s a toughie.

    And a trick question! There is no rivalry any longer because the Red Sox won the World Series, and the Yankees suck! (I won’t say cruder things about Jeter and A-Rod because this is a family site and kids might be reading.)

  3. …and, most people I know are neither from Boston nor New York–they don’t care about the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. So, I’m going to go with Mac vs. Windows.

  4. Picker of Nits, that’s good enough for me. I’m a Sox fan, as you have have surmised, but, if the Sox can’t win it, it’s ABY. And, because of last October’s glorious World Series victory, the Sox are in a five-year grace period where they can play badly, and I won’t really care. Much.

  5. “Which is bigger – the Red Sox/Yankees rivally or the Mac/PC rivallry?”

    Yes, absolutely, I coudn’t agree more.

    BTW, shouldn’t that be spelled “rivalry”?

    Oh well…

  6. Reds/Yanks… the only difference between Macs & Wintel PCs now is the OS, and my crew has just about got Vista running on a Mac-Intel box. So, neener-neener-neener! Here come the viruses, or viri, depending on your taste.

    Who’ll buy it you say!?

    ? Well, I… where’s Balmer?

    Screw you, you hippy Unix users!!!

  7. What have the Red Sox & Yankees to do with this? You’re going to a Mariners game.

    Ichiro! Ganbatte!

  8. John, John, John. Since you’re not rushing to get first post or whatnot in the Comments, you actually have the luxury of reading and re-reading your post without having to depend on spellcheck. Don’t be a victim of technology!

    Unless it’s sexbot technology. Mmmm, sexbots.

  9. Red sox/Yankees definitely. Have any of you ever been to a Red sox’s Yankeess’ game? It’s crazy. insults and beer cup’s flying all over the place. I don’t like windows. But you don’t see ME smashing up the all the windows PC’s I see.

  10. I don’t get it. You’re an Apple Rumors site, but you’re based in *Seattle*??

    How do you manage to do all this crack reporting?

    Hmmm, “crack reporting”… There’s a joke or two in there, I’m sure of it. But I digress.

    Go A’s!

  11. Red Sox/Yankees? What are those? Are we talking about cricket again cuz it is really starting to drive me crazy.

    I mean it insane





  12. Red Sox/Yankees is pretty obscure, but what the hell is Mac/PC rivalry. You might as well ask “What is the sound of one hand napping?”

  13. Please excuse my European ignorance but what are/is Mariners? Are yes, I recall another name for sailors. Can we now conclude that Moltz is into sailors?

  14. Who cares – went to my first baseball game ever last week (Red Sox as it happens). The most boring few hours of my life… and the Fenway Frank gave me the squits…

  15. To answer todays “im too lazy to write a real post so here is a silly yet contentious” question, I will ask another question. “Does anyone outside the US give a toss about baseball?”

    Nup. Nada. Zilch.

    Conversely, there are frequent arguments, fights, skirmishes and entire land-based wars between the hordes of uncouth PC supporters, and the beautiful, intelligent collective of Mac supporters. I rest my case.

  16. I have and always will be a Royals fan. Espeicially that year we had the I-70 World Series with the Cards on the other side of the state in 1985.

    Yep. Back then we didn’t have no lebian ninja sexbots, but heck, we didn’t need ’em. We had the women on 12th Street in downtown Kansas City, MO.

    When I went on a Bender, I’m talking about drinking!

  17. Macs vs PCs definitely. And now for something emminently more interesting:

    Africa beat Asia by two runs in a tense finish to the first of three Afro-Asian Cup matches at Centurion Park.

    South Africa pair Shaun Pollock and Jacques Kallis took three wickets each for Africa on home soil, as Asia were skittled for 196.

    Pakistan’s Abdul Razzaq top scored for Asia with 38, while Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara made 35.

    Earlier, South Africa’s Ashwell Prince struck an unbeaten 78 to help Africa to 198 from 44.3 overs.

    Indian left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan took 3-37, while Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar finished with figures of 2-40.

    At one stage Africa were 57-5 before South Africa’s Ashwell Prince struck an unbeaten 78 to save the innings.

    Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi, India’s Anil Kumble and Ashish Nehra and Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan also took wickets.

    South Africa wicketkeeper Mark Boucher, scored 42 to put on a sixth-wicket stand of 84 with Prince.

    Asia were cruising at 50-0 at the start of their innings before Pollock took three wickets in an over to sway the match back in the favour of the Africans.

    The Asia tail fought back, with an unbeaten 20 for Khan and 24 from Kumble.

    But with victory in sight, up stepped fast bowler, Dale Steyn, making his one-day international debut, to remove the final wicket of Nehra.

  18. Just saw the highlights from the Mariners/Royals game. Uuuuuugly! What was that throw from the pitcher over the catcher’s head?!? Glad Moyer got his 10th win.

    Also glad that the D-Rays beat the Yankees.


  19. I’ve got to toss my $0.02 in and point out to the people in NY and Boston, NO ONE ELSE CARES ABOUT YOUR TEAMS OR CITIES! The most fun I ever had was watching a Celtics fan turn a hundred shades of red as the Lakers beat them in the finals back in the ’80’s. Pronouncing the name of the team properly (a hard C in Celtics) to him all the time just escalated his anger. Oh so sweet!

  20. In Glasgow you wouldn’t go to a Rangers/Celtic game without a tomahawk tucked into your sock.

    But still as someone sitting on both sides of the Mac/Pc fence I have to say the rivalry I have with myself is much more vicious.

    Spellbound is a gud extenshun for firefocks.

  21. Mariners, Schmariners.

    BoSox all the way baybee!

    (since I was born in Mass, if I have to care about a baseball team, then that would be it)

  22. That Maggie Thatcher post is BOGUS. SHE would have handbagged all of us between whiskies. Further evidence, whenever ‘Lord’s’ was mentioned, she thought it referred to ‘the Other Place’.

  23. Streetrrrrrrrrrabbit,

    If ye mak any morrrrrre crrrrrriticisms o’ Glesga, ye’ll ge’ a kiss. Ye’d be laughed at wi’ anythin’ less than a claymore.

    Sa stop, orrrr it’s the piedish.

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