The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

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  1. It’s infected Blighty of late. I just close the bunker door, get out ‘Risk’ and crush the spawn for ten straight hours.

  2. I once had a copy of the game Risk, but never managed to get a crew together to play it. However, I did watch about an hour of gameplay at a friend’s house, and must admit it was more exciting than watching grass grow.

  3. Yes, he was so sophisticated and debonair in his groping.

    Before I can be international, I have to get beyond intramural and interstate. Once I am transcontinental, I will put together a business plan that will carry me past interplanetary to pan-galactic. I’ll be sure to send a postcard at that point.

  4. Unfortunately, Jennifer fricking Connelly is the Entity, so there is no vacancy there to fill.

    I adid apply for the Thor Samson position, but couldn’t pass the background check.

  5. I’m not sure whether I’ve ever been transcontinental, but I’m frequently incontinental, which surely puts me in the game. Although possibly not in a team. Except as last pick.

    So good to hear the expression Jennifer fricking Connelly again. I described her as such to my wife the other day when watching Hulk and received precious little of the camaraderie we share here, sadly.

  6. Evening guys. Just spent 17 days in our version of Obamacare. Not sure if body is working again but opinions on brain welcomed.

  7. If your brain has been NHS’d for seventeen days I’m surprised you actually found your way home, let alone managed to type coherently. Hope you’re on the mend, my friend. Or if not, on the lash (I almost wrote ‘leash’ there . . . but you know, whatever tickles your wick). Nice to have you back anyway. As you can see we’ve made some new friends, although I doubt they’ll survive the good olde fashioned Moltzing they’re about to receive.

  8. I’m glad Hanukkah is here, because I get tired of everybody singing Handel’s Messiah this time of year. I’d rather hear Mendel’s Meshuggeneh. Because he was kind of meshuggeneh with all that genetics nonsense.

  9. Mele Kalikimaka! Polarizing Soltice! Bonan Kristnaskon! Festive Festivus!


    Happy happy fun time fun fun timey time!

    Good luck in the new year, if we make it that far!

  10. My wife’s been doing that for almost a decade.

    Her brownies are now do dense they transgress the Geneva Convention. I’ve only had three (or four . . . today) and my cardiovascular system has turned to treacle.

  11. I am led to believe that in the Medieval era, the knights took the “peacock vow” at the end of the Christmas season each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry.

    Well, I’m not a knight. In fact, I don’t even ride a horse, because I have too much respect for them. So I won’t be taking any peacock vow, or be making any new year resolutions. A resolution would imply that I would be working to improve myself, which I can’t see happening anytime soon.

    What about you? Will you be a better person next year?

  12. I’m a better person already, Ace, just from reading your sorry self-assessment. Because I’m going to the opposite way and will pretend I *shall* improve this year. And having mainlined Freak Shows masquerading as Talent Contests on a near daily basis over the last decade, I now understand that pretension Trumps reality.

  13. I’m going to be contrary (or just plain ornery) and not even attempt to improve myself in 2018. I’m going to try to be a worse person, though I’m not sure I’ve got that far to go…

  14. I think it a sure thing that each of us will be a better person than Trump next year, or any year. That for me is the ashen lining to the dark cloud of his descendancy.

  15. I’m going to try to be a better person than the person who said he was going to be a better person last year. But clearly not by being the better person he said he would be. Just by being a better person.

    There’s a lot of headroom there.

  16. Apparently, page 155 isn’t ready for prime time yet, but I’m sure that it will be put out on display when it is ready.

    Looking at page 154, I’d have to say that it’s not ready either. Why it was published is anyone’s guess.

  17. Yes, Happy 2018 to everyone, and be assured that it will be superior to last year. If you have doubts, remember that, according to Nigel Tufnel, it’s one more.

  18. Not sure what language that is, but if they start posting in tongues like the rest of us, then maybe they’re on to something…

  19. As luck has it, I am blessed with the ability to interpret glossolalia.

    He’s saying: ‘Excellent lecturer, only polo cough-medicine’.

    . . .

    Not sure the Pentecostal movement is what it used to be.

    And Happy New Year (belatedly) to you all too. Let’s see if we can run 2018 into the ground as thoroughly as we did 2017.

  20. Even the Baby Jesus can’t work that last one out.

    This post is going to look odd if John removes the intervening tat.

  21. BroMu,

    Your comment reminds me of the phenomenon I first noticed when reading comments on a particular Facebook post. There evidently had been a spirited conversation between two members, which, upon the closing of the account of one of the sides, came to resemble an early Bob Newhart routine, because half the comments had disappeared. I’m not sure if that was a net gain or loss.

  22. BroMu,

    How could you tell if things in this post (or any other post on this site) started to look odd?

    I thought that was our regular modus operandi. (With the caveat that “regular” is likely a euphemism for something.)

  23. Gain, I feel, Ace? If only for the joy of filling in the other half at your leisure? And that exact thought occurred to me even as I hit ‘post’, Steve. Although I hope that it can still occur is a good sign.

  24. Thanks, Steve. The average number of comments per page works out to 50-ish, so the next page might appear close to the magical 7,777th comment.

    By the way, I notice that you completely ignored my plea for the proper wine to drink with popcorn. Are you not a wine expert, or a popcorn expert?

  25. I’m not expert in anything. But I believe popcorn matches fairly well with just about anything. Can’t go wrong with a sparkling wine.

  26. That’s all a bit too classy for my nous I’m afraid, Ace. I’m pretty much out of my depth once you progress beyond pork belly lollipops.

  27. Ace,

    I attended the 1991 Final Four, and even with the Vice President in attendance, the people next to me managed to get a bottle of champagne into the building. And this was with security checking everyone before they entered the building. So I’m going to guess you’ll be OK.

  28. Awkward, as my daughter would say. Or would do were she to catch breath long enough to pronounce something that sounds like it has the odd consonant in it.

    The Final Four sounds jolly exciting. Are they Marvel or DC?

  29. At the risk of actually stating a fact in this place (which is a risky proposition all by itself), the Final Four is the championship of the university-level basketball tournament. For some people, it’s a “big deal.”

  30. Oh my god, I actually learned something. On CARS.

    What . . . what happens now?

    We’re through the looking glass, people.

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