The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

8,372 thoughts on “The Mega-Post is Dead”

  1. ‘Appy ‘Alloween to our cousins.

    ‘Appy Brexit to the Brits.
    Sorry, got that wrong, just a Broken Promise Boris. Hope he doesn’t clog up many ditches. Noticed during Prime Minister Questions that his comb over no longer hides his bald spots, which means that Donald J’s is better.

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  3. Not sure the former poster is on-message with our current stream of waffle. Not that the younger generation is really our target market.

    How come spammers can find their way here but not any of our erstwhile chums (who clearly still lurk, as the recent frenzy on the main site indicates).

    It’s almost as if they don’t appreciate our content? Shurely shome mishtake?

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  5. Yeah, I thought we trended generally downwards, in the direction of the gutter.

    Then again, I’m not a bot programmed in a second language…

  6. When I was a typesetter in ancient times, we called that sort of thing “boilerplate” or “greeking.” Occasionally someone would forget to replace the dummy copy with the actual article or story.

    1. Ace,
      On this side of the pond, all of our “Greeking” was in Latin. Wonder why? Also suspect you are too young to have been around during the hot lead, there’s a typesetters’ joke in there, period.

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    1. BroMu,
      Ace bears Xacto scars and mine are from scalpel blades.

      It was punishing work in the Tech Publishing industry unlike school teaching.

      Second thoughts, Gravesend / Erith? Maybe you’ve got knife wounds too.

  11. I have often wanted to clarify myself…

    “The Invisible Man has arrived, sir – may I show him in?”
    “Tell him I can’t see him!”

  12. Hey, that sounds somewhat like an actual comment made in real time by a conscious entity, but it seems unlikely that a conscious entity would consider the preceding “ideas” to be worthy of such gratitude. Thus, I am not compelled to click the bolded name. The Turing prize goes unawarded, and we’ll just have to hope for something more vivacious.

  13. I’ve never had that called ‘ideas’ before. Although it is true that I talk out of my . . . ‘clarification tube’.

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  17. Ahh, English as a second or third language, I’m guessing … I would write an essay on the subject if I only knew how to go about it. Oy vey!

  18. I think we may actually be making First Contact here. Where are these ‘signals’ from? The only problem will be convincing the Nobel jury that it’s actually *intelligent* life.

  19. But, despite the source of these, I think I would like to attain a post.

    Though I’m more likely to obtain a fence post. Or post a parcel, etc.

    1. If there were any powers vested in me, I would appoint you to the post of sergeant-at-arms or bouncer, charged with keeping the riff-raff out.

  20. Vests have never been off-trend, Steve. Like tank-tops. And flares.

    Timeless, my friends.

    As the looks I get as I strut along the street would seem to testify.

  21. I’m without a vest at present, but I will consider acquiring one after the Apple Pocket Watch is released. It will pair well with the Apple monocle, as well.

  22. To drastically change the subject here: has anyone else noticed that our beloved proprietor has changed the tag line at the upper left of the page?

    I just noticed it this evening.

  23. I would totally buy an iPocket Watch. I really am that affected.

    And now you mention it, Steve, yes indeed. John is clearly feeling the icy grip of Father Time around his ether-noodles.

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