The Mega-Post is Dead


You should be able to view it again, but Masako had to shut off the comments at…


She had to delete one spam comment to get it viewable again (link).

Please, let’s hear a big round of applause for all of you who posted in the Mega-Post and kept it alive for a year and four months. Please use this comment thread to post your fondest memories of the post with the most…

the Mega-Post.

8,637 thoughts on “The Mega-Post is Dead”

  1. I am _not_ going to tweak your algorithm.

    You’re trying to confuse us with those Britishisms. I think after all this time, I’ve finally started to catch on. To what, I’m still not sure.

  2. Oooh, we jumped! Very exciting.

    I tried to catch on a while back. Didn’t work at all. Nor catching up. I’m thinking about branching out into catching corona. Seems a lot easier.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Cousins. Stuff yer cakeholes as we vulgarly say. When the missus puts you on a diet, ask her “Why are you complaining about my weight?”

  4. Thank you thank you thank you, Nxxx. I had an appointment with my doctor yesterday, and I was a few pounds lighter than last year. So I suppose the sky is the limit. Or the pie is the limit.

  5. Delay thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! Took a short respite away from the interwebs.

    And to quote my now 22 year old when she was 6: “It’s not a cakehole, it’s a piehole.”

    Happy Excessive Shopping week!

  6. Your daughter’s erstwhile self was clearly very wise, Steve. Although obviously both are accurate as it can multi-task. I don’t mean consecutively. I mean concurrently.

    Alas, I am not a few pounds lighter than last year.

    Happy Belateds on the Thanksgiving front.

  7. The younger child can also be a font of wisdom. For example, earlier this evening whilst looking up something on the Wikipedia said “Why does Wikipedia have all these big words!”

    And, after watching a good number of episodes of the U.S. version of The Office, “You mean Scranton’s a real place?!?”

  8. Nxxx,

    I watched maybe one entire episode, wondering why this show was popular. Younger child eventually gave up, though it was definitely a few seasons in.

  9. Happy Christmas Eve eve!

    Or similar festive greetings in accordance with the holiday of your choosing.

    Or just plain general good wishes, should you choose not to celebrate any such seasonal holiday.

  10. Merry happy felicitations to all, and a lump of coal if you’ve been naughty or Welsh.

    Wishing you a very flaky Christmas if the weather outside is frightful!

  11. New Year’s Eve is here where I live, and in a few hours it will be 2022. I’m not a numerologist, but that seems a few 2s too many. Have a happy new year, and may it be far less more badly worse than the one before…

  12. It’s so disheartening when we are visited by soulless hawkers…

    Not you Cai—I mean those other, strange ones.

    1. I feel like there are a few of us who haunt the depths Megapost.
      Trapped far far below, caught by the enormous gravity of the beast that Moltz created.

      From the surface posters in the light, you can hear strange emanations coming from the abyss-like darkness.
      The rattling of chains, the unholy groans of the tormented. A gentle fizzle of dying Fembot circuitry and, every now and then, the screech of a crazed Del as she attacks and feeds on sub-par sysadmins and spam posters. Dragging them back to her lair to drain them of their life force.

      Soulless? Maybe. We are THE FORGOTTEN. Those who posted before, lost to the memory of only a few who carried on the great work started many cycles ago. Do not venture below. Lets us keep our iBooks and Newtons. And you can keep your sweet meats.

  13. I’ve been waiting for Pudding over IP for so long now, the pudding’s a bit crusty. Will the crust be removed in transmission?

  14. I’m expecting Broth over IP before Pudding. It’s less viscous, if there’s such a thing as digital viscosity.

  15. Oh my god! I’m back, baby!

    I’ve been trying to post for about a month but kept getting bumped. I even tried to contact John but no luck.


    Everyone okay?

  16. Or perhaps the ancient computer is being emulated or virtualized on an M1 Mac. Or an iPhone. Or an Apple Watch.

    Or one of those Babbage contraptions. How would we know, in a universe that is merely a simulation?

  17. First!

    No, not really. But I miss being able to do that, if only occasionally.

    I do have the memory of the time I was first and second poster on one of Moltz’s articles, using “Ace!” and then “Deuce!” to proclaim the feat. It’s a bit a ad that that is my greatest achievement so far in life…

      1. You’re commenting to yourself in the third person. There might be “issues,” but I don’t want to go there.

        1. I do.

          Tell us about your issues, Ace. Specifically, do they make you any more weird than we know you to be already? And, if so . . . why have you been ‘witholding’?

          1. The principal issue in this case is that I’ve been a graphic designer since the 70s, and was a typesetter for years back when it was an actual profession. Consequently, I am constantly proofreading and correcting what I type. When a typo does sneak into a comment where it can’t be edited after posting, my instinct is to add another comment to atone for the sin. You can imagine my pain at what
            some people post on social media. It’s difficult to resist the urge to make a screenshot of a horrific gaffe, mark up the image with proofreader’s marks, and post the correction as a comment on the original. I have to remind myself that our language is living entity, shaped by usage, and I should hop on a toboggan, and follow it as it goes down the tubes.

  18. I’m loosening up a bit now, Ace. I don’t always fully punctuate texts, for example. And I’ve even pressed ‘autocomplete’ a few times, with wanton abandon.

    Of course I whip myself later. But at least there’s progress.

  19. Much better than the suggested course is the method I use when the deadline for the essay approaches. I simply sum up with a sentence of introduction, seven sentences of exposition in the body, and final sentence of conclusion. I take that seed and put it into my magical word processor, which replaces each word with its dictionary definition. For example, the word “dog” might be replaced by “a domesticated carnivorous mammal occurring as a wide variety of breeds, many of which are traditionally used for hunting, herding, drawing sleds, and other tasks, and are kept as pets,” and “frolics” might be replaced by “plays and runs about happily.” If the resulting essay isn’t long enough, I simply repeat the process recursively until the requirement is met. This is especially useful in cases when I am being paid per word.

  20. I’m a big fan of ‘right click’ essays, Ace. Or ‘just, fair, equitable and good and take to each other and go down well’ essays, I should say.

    1. I had a snappy comeback of my own about a month ago, but I got distracted by some ice cream and that was the end of that.

    1. I had to eat it very slowly to avoid “brain freeze.” I’m not yet ready for cryogenic preservation.

  21. Given our posts here, Ace, I suspect that all of us really wouldn’t need a ‘large’ bowl of ice cream to produce brain freeze.

  22. Still going strong Lads and lassies?Now down to a Chromebook and how can you rumor (note American spelling) rhar?

    1. I’m going strong at age 70 and am riding a stationary bicycle as I write this. Going nowhere fast, that is.

  23. They have a staff of professionals that will not frustrate you in the long run.
    You don’t have to put your faith in any top essay writing service. Here’s an easy technique to determine whether or not essay writing service evaluations are genuine.

  24. Nxxx! Sorry, I’ve been otherwise engaged so just popped in. Lovely to see you again.

    Regarding out new friend, I’m on tenterhooks about what that ‘easy technique’ might be. Is it perhaps related to the non sequitur with which said post begins?

  25. Like “they” are actually going to do anything. “They” just sit on their lazy arses all day.

    Will our cousins join us in a few weeks to celebrate Treason Day?

  26. ‘Twould be a delight, Steve. Perhaps we could just collectively wail on any useless Hanoverian mercenaries we happen upon.

  27. Given that on this side of the pond over the last two days, we’ve managed to reset our timeline to the 1850s, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Hessian roaming ’bout.

  28. I hate to bother anyone with “first world” problems, but with what I’ve been hearing about AI projects lately, I’m beginning to wonder if after all this time I’m really just a chat bot that appears at times to be sentient…

  29. Hi guys, just popped in on the Chromebook to wish you a happy July 4th as you certainly wont want to come back under Botis.

  30. Yes, happy Getting Rid Of The Royalty And The Rest Of Us day.

    And so have we, Ace. And surely will again.

  31. And Ace and Steve, I have no problem with the ‘A’ bit of your suggestion. Just the ‘I’.

  32. Sorry to see that the warming has gotten more global. My friend in the south of France has cancelled his annual bicycle trip to the Pyrenees. Another friend moved from Idaho to Scotland, and the summer heat followed. I recommend frozen Margaritas to you in the greater London area.

  33. Ace,
    Is your friend racing in le Tour?

    It’s downright soupy here (not the Sales variety). You know what they say about New Jersey, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”

    And I concur with frozen drinks and treats. Good anytime, even if not sweltering.

    Stay safe everyone.

    1. My friend is not a racer. He grows chestnuts and plays flute and sax in a jazz band.

      I’m surprised a the lack of bad jokes about Margarita being frigid. Too obvious?

  34. I did notice it getting a bit toasty the other day so I’ve decided to self-declare as a perfect insulator. Hah! Take that, global warming.

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