French Site Reports Tiger Booted on iPod nano

French web site Macbidouille reported today that German hackers have successfully booted Tiger on an iPod nano.

The site was immediately contacted by Apple Legal, which angrily demanded that the images be removed. However, the company indicated that it was not because of concerns over losing control of its ability to control its market.

“It’s not that it violates our business model,” said Tim Cook, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Operations. “It’s just stupid.

“I mean… the iPod’s just got that stupid little scroll wheel… you can’t type with it… Just pisses me off.”

If Cook was “pissed off” by Tiger running on an iPod nano, he was positively furious at reports filtering out of the UK that indicate hackers there have successfully booted Linux on an iPod shuffle.

“What?!” an agitated Cook said. “How… how can you even prove that?! It doesn’t have a screen! It’s got five buttons! FIVE!”

Yet hacker Sean Neaves was insistent that his iPod shuffle was actually running Linux.

“It’s running a special build I compiled and loaded onto the unit via USB,” Neaves said.

“Here, look,” Neaves said, clicking on the shuffle’s buttons. “I just loaded GIMP.

“Totally. I’m… I’m… editing an image here. Um… la-la-la… now I’ll just… crop and… run a filter… and… see? See? I just edited this image.”

“OK, look, I’ll do it again. But pay attention this time.”

73 thoughts on “French Site Reports Tiger Booted on iPod nano”

  1. Of course, there’s the Shuffle that boots into Nanoox – it’s very Inuit-ive…

    Har har har!


  2. masako,

    i am honored that you would condescend to speak to this humble admirer.

    otosan no boko ga tsuyoui.


  3. Why would anyone want to have Linux or Windows on their shuffle. Mac OS X I can understand. But the very idea of installing Windows/Linux sickens me. Windows is an insecure piece of a crap. And Linux is a fake. It’s not a real Operating Sysytem.

  4. This sort of thing is overhyped. I’ve had BeOS running on an Etch-A-Sketch for years, but it is so slow drawing the windows that it’s virtually useless.


  5. Wouldn’t it be better if Apple employed these hackers to persuade OSX to run on Macs?

    Yea I know, optimist.

  6. Is this a Mega-Post or just a regular one?

    If it’s a regular post here’s my comment:

    You’re making this up aren’t you? Just because none of us can understand French…except the French…and some Canadians…or Canadiens.

    If it’s a Mega-Post my comment is thus:


    dives into butter fountain.

    mmmmmnnnn slippery.

  7. Bon Sang!

    Vous ne pouvez pas laisser MacBidouille en paix?

    Oh, et puis zutÂ…ils viennent de me bannir, alorsÂ…

    I booted Windows XP on my Walkman. It crushed. I had a blue Â…sound

  8. I’ve been running bootleg Longhorn Beta on a Fray Bentos can, AND it is stable.

    Vista also works on Windowlene bottles.

    Both usable as palmtops.

  9. Guys.

    Just found your site. Love it to death. Real laugh out loud stuff. Makes me want to join in!

    Which is handy, as I have had in my possession for some time a tape of mumbled speech that had me totally baffled. Now I know what it is – it’s Steve inside his chrysalis. Most of it is indecipherable, but there is one section that I have managed to figure out.

    It sounds like Steve is rehearsing his next keynote, and goes something like this:

    “And finally…

    “Five years ago, Apple redefined the music industry with the iPod. Last year we redefined the iPod with the impossibly small iPod nano, proving that small is the new big, and tonight, ladies and gentlemen, Apple is redefining the word small in our most daring business move yet. I give you [pause for dramatic effect] the insanely great, Big iPod.”

    Here Steve makes a sound like a whip cracking, followed by a noise that can only be likened to a herd of African elephants straining to pull a rather heavy object onto a stage. Then we hear clapping and astonished cries. Steve continues speaking:

    “So, before we hear it, lets just sit back and admire Apples biggest product ever while I share a few statistics with you”

    Here the tape becomes indistinct, although a couple of phrases can be made out:

    “…over 21 feet tall…”

    “…a stack of quarters taller than Everest…”

    The tape becomes clear again. Steve is humming “Pomp and Circumstance”

    “Doesn’t it sound great? How did we do it? Well, tonight we are going to take a look inside, but first let me just tell you that for years we have been asking people… dammit dammit rewind … I have been telling people what they want, and they unanimously said, “Put ASOC in it, Steve!” so let’s open it up and see how Apple Symphony Orchestra Compression works…”

    Here the tape ends, so we may never really find out, although there may be a clue in a scrap of paper found in a tip outside Infinite Loop, depicting an opened up ipod completely stuffed with dwarfs holding musical instruments, and a note jotted on the bottom, reading:

    “Steve, I got the orchestra in like you wanted. Sorry I still can’t make room for a replaceable battery. Love and kisses, Jonathan.”


  10. マサ子さん本当にいるんですか。ぼくはまさこが冗談だと思ってしまいました。びっくりしました。でも、さ〜。いたら、写真を見せてくれないか...


  11. Yesterday I installed Windows(TM) in my wall! It’s amazing! The graphics are excellent. There even is a beautiful blue screen with a sun.

    Then I installed Mac OS X 10.1 in my trash! It works amazingly well. I can easily boot it sitting at my desk.

    Tomorrow I’m gonna try and install GNU into my cat.

  12. C’mon, the kid already got linux on the shuffle?!

    And they can’t get a final release out for the 4th Gen?

    He’s probably already playing Doom on it!!

    But what do I have?

    What do I have, I ask you!?!


  13. In the middle of the keynote, Jobs opens the Great Big iPod (later referred to simply as GBI). Low and behold, what jumps out?

    Not tiny dwarfs (they prefer little people by the way) with music instruments and certainly not anyone from the board of directors.

    No it is Hot Lesbian Sexbots (HLS). Yeah baby! Thanks the GBI!!!! I’ll take 4 so the HLS can fight!

  14. I miss the Mega-Post

    (Yes I will keep this up as long as possible. I just saw Forgotten which was a mistake of epic proportion and it taught me that if I refuse to give up on the Mega-Post it will be returned to me).

    For those of you who don’t know because you DON’T KNOW THE MEGA-POST (Sorry still having trouble adjusting) I am the person who can listen to the same song on repeat for 3 days. Don’t think I will give up easily.


  15. Nano? Shuffle?


    I’ve got 10.4 running on TINKERTOYS! That’s right, I built an entire CPU and support chips out of TINKERTOYS!

    But that’s not all…soon, i’ll have my Lincoln Log Xserve up and running!

    silly iPod hackers!

  16. bah, thats nothing.

    i installed os/2 warp on my inner thigh the sharpened handle of a spoon.

    getting networking was a bitch, but i am really pleased with the result.

    the copious bloodloss, i could do without.

    hopefully there will be a patch.


  17. fucking mistype:

    i installed os/2 warp on my inner thigh WITH the sharpened handle of a spoon.

    if i am going to keep messing up punch lines like this, i might as well take over moltz’s job.

  18. Question: I’ve got OS 6.08 running on my Lite Brite, but it won’t share files with my Classic II running Mac286. Is there a special way I need to configure AppleTalk?

  19. I topped you all. I got Virtual PC running from Mac OSX running on Mac-On-Linux running on Linux running on VMWare running from my big left toenail. Boooya!!!!!!!

  20. Oh yeah, well I dual booted OS 10.5 and Vista in a barrel of mercury. Funny thing that mercury, it cam alive and now looks kind of like a cop. It keeps aking me if i know John Conner. Who the *^@% is that?

  21. Guys, guys, guys,

    Masako doesn’t read Chinese, so don’t try to bluff us. *Consults CARS rule book.* Sorry chaps, bluffing is in, but not Chinese as Georgie and Our Tone don’t like it.

  22. Two things:

    1. I have a sticker that reads “My other iPod is a BMW,” but the sticker is too large to put on an iPod. Plus, I don’t have an iPod. Nor do I have a BMW. Anybody want a sticker?

    2. I’m trying to build a replica of BabbageÂ’s Difference Engine out of Legos, but I don’t have enough. Please send any spare Legos to me at my email address. Or send an iPod. Or a BMW.


  23. > “OK, look, I’ll do it again. But pay attention this time.”

    Oh, yeah? Well, I was paying attention the first time, Buster.

    Where’d you get that picture? You can get into a lot of trouble, sneaking around, taking pictures like that. You oughtta be ashamed of yourself!

    That being said, GIMP on an iPod Shuffle is totally cool.

  24. This sounds very familar.

    Anyway Jobs, the eternal showoff *HAD* to “enlighten” me, ME (richest guy in the frickin world) that he (Apple) is coming out with a super-kewl new video iPod. It’s about the size of the second gen iPod but tilted 90 degrees, the front is all (widescreen) LCD display, with a few buttons on top to turn it on and connect it and whatnot, but the play controls are mostly on the LCD touchscreen and wireless (RF) remote. I shit you not, Young Skywalker. The speakers are much like that of the Sony PSP; little holes on the center left/right, like a snake’s ear, serve up generous stereo audio. Plus you can output to standard RCA or S-Video. *THIS* is the next iPod I’m going to get… I mean MICROSOFT will be coming out with something very similar, but with shitter controls, very much sooner that Steve and his crew!!! Frickin’ Mr. Smartypants, better OS, no virus lovin’, Pixar guy.

    (True story: when I purchased my Lime iBook many years ago (99?) I told the guy at ComputerWare that the next PowerBook I was going to get would be one with a DVD burner in it. They laughed and laughed, until they had to go find new jobs. The future is everything you can think of, and more. Most ordinary folks can’t see past dinnertime.)




  26. Okay, here you go:


    | |



    So what about some Legos. Fair is fair…

  27. Nah, you just need my new Microsoft Wireless Buckytube Nano Keyboard. It’s about eight molecules wide, but does support lowercase and CAPS, it does not have *every* key available. It’s more like a FrodPad but molecule sized. We don’t support numbers in the first version. A driver will be relased later this year to fix that. It’s *perfect* for my tiny fingers! Other features include; both wave and particle communications to your host, Quantum entanglement connections are supported but you can’t observe them yet (driver update to fix in Q2 ’06) and until we get around the uncertainty principle you can’t actually observer the keyboard itself (you’ll have to trust that it exists and that you can type on it before it will work).

  28. come on guys, we’ve lost our way a bit here. the question we all should be shouting is:


  29. Legos, you say? Here’s some more:

    [::::] [::::] [::::]

    [::] [::] [::] [::]

    [:] [:] [:] [:] [:] [:]

    [::::::::::] [::::::::::]

    (.) (.)

    Whoops, those last two are boobs.

    You can get the iPod OS on your Mac, but it’s disguised as iTunes. I think the OS developer (Pixo) might have some dev wares that would do just that. Just a guess.

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