20 Oct 05Rubinstein Farewell Party Planning Already In Trouble.

Just two weeks into planning for Senior Vice President of the iPod Division Jon Rubinstein’s retirement party, sources indicate the committe is already in turmoil over several items.

According to a document passed to Crazy Apple Rumors Site, the Rubinstein Retirement Party Planning Task Force is frustrated and at odds with itself.

Or at least at odds with Stan Ng.

If the Task Force does not deal with the issues at hand next week, there is fear that they will be forced to call in a professional party planner.

Like Guy Kawasaki.

And no one wants that.

29 Responses to “Rubinstein Farewell Party Planning Already In Trouble.”

  1. Me! says:

    First post, and I read it? Unlikely you would think….

  2. Me! says:

    Are people sick? Is there some kind of bird flu affecting people?

    I mean, the article is even very funny! It makes fun of Stan Ng’s well known animal fetishes!


  3. John Moltz says:


    Actually, you know, we’ve been getting just as many comments, but there hasn’t been that furvor for first post the last few weeks.

    I think most everyone’s gotten one already. And then there’s the startling realization that you have to clean up at the end of the post.

    Oh, you didn’t know that? Yeah. First poster has to clean up.

  4. Zeb says:

    Thoid! Not gonna read it you can’t make me, you can’t make me!!!!

  5. Zeb says:

    Just send out the “Party is In My Pants” memo. Sheesh!


  6. Me! says:

    Hey, I’d offer to clean up, but I just saw Tim Cook with the broom, and he was…well…umm…let’s just say I’d rather not touch it. Ever again.

  7. Nxxx says:

    What’s wrong with Del and his Laser iFlames?

  8. Marco says:

    Favorite # is 8

  9. shinydv says:

    Ich habe das neunte autospielzeugenrheinigungenspielenheit.

  10. indifferent says:

    ten or eleven

  11. different says:

    Onze pour moi !

  12. BeaulieuLizHurlieu says:

    from my considerable experience of making it ‘go with a swing’ I suggest they consider a swing as the entertainment. That way you can have a ‘pusher’ and a ‘pushee’, which seems right. Or a rollercoaster design based on the apple share price history.

  13. Spell Czech says:

    John, that’s spelled “fervor.”

    And I don’t think you can blame that on Avian Flu, either….

  14. The Invisible Evil Boy's Catering Company says:





  15. Guy Kawasaki says:

    Why not just give him a copy of each of my books? That’s what I always give out as presents.



  16. Huh? says:

    I used the Invisible Evil Boy’s Catering Company for my pants birthday party.

    I strongly suggest using them for your next event.

    The chanting was wonderful.


  17. Friend of CARS says:

    “What’s wrong with Del and his¬Ö”

    Please, don’t show your ignorance in the comment section again!

  18. Ace Deuce says:

    No worries, there are many clowns who seem to have a lot of time on their hands. I can think of at least one prominent elected official in the US that takes multiweek vacations frequently, while things fall apart around him.

  19. But with him, clowning is more of an avocation. I mean, he doesn’t get paid to clown around.

  20. The Horror says:

    I don’t think you would want him at your birthday party¬ódeath and destruction seem to follow him around. Of course he’s pretty good with reality field distortion.

  21. Del says:

    Thank you friend. Nxxx I’m sorry, but I must kill you now. Normally I’d just say I not a his, but I have a new WMD to test and surprisingly no one else volunteered.

    What does it do you ask? Well it turns you into a stripper pony and then I sell you to party organizers who will send you to seedy retirement parties. Look at the bright side you’ll get to meet Steve.

    Also there are really good vegan cakes. Eggs can be replaced with Apple Sauce or left out completely and the dairy can be replaced with soy milk. That also makes it pony safe.

  22. Streetrabbit says:

    Ace Duece, “No worries” you some kinda aussie? Enough of that. Can we go back to the “cheese sammich” story for a bit because I forgot to say cheddar cheese in Australia is called Tasty Cheese. Ah’m down wid dat.

    I have no comment on the current story except to say stripping ponies is something I hadn’t though of before and now it’s giving me a boner.

    Once again CARS has corrupted me good and proper.

  23. Streetrabbit says:

    Oh…they were lady ponies weren’t they? I don’t want anyone to think I’m some kind of homo or nuffin’

  24. I don’t have a comment today. I just need to populate my comment data ‘cus our wonderful work windoze domain moved to active directory and now I get to spend to whole day setting all my apps and remote sessions back to the way they were yesterday. Windows just sucks my as… oh wait, I own the damn company. We are sooooooo screwed if anyone finds out, and when OS X ships on x86 boxes. Yes, screwed we are, precious.

  25. iBode says:

    Del, how many times has nxxx done that now?

    I think it’s on purpose just to get your attention.

  26. greenacres says:

    John, did you start a new job as Editor for MacCentral? Boy, first writing a small blurb in the back of MacWorld, now look


  27. Marie Antoinette says:

    My mother made me a vegan chocolate cake for my birthday a couple years ago, and my omnivorous aunt thought it was better than “regular” cake. Fortunately (or not), you can put just as much sugar and fat into a vegan cake as an eggs-and-dairy one.

    Incidentally, that didn’t sound at all like Thor Samson the other day. I’m beginning to think he’s really just John using a fake name!

  28. Del says:

    Your right iBode. That’s it No cookie for you Nxxx!

  29. chrispy says:

    steve isnt a vegan… hes pescetarian. He eats dairy and fish.