Mac Community Flooded With Hillbilly Windows Users.

MacNewsWorld reports today that investment banks are bullish on Apple in large part because of the iPod “halo effect”, where customer satisfaction with the iPod results in the purchase of a Mac.

But as more and more people switch from Windows to the Mac, Mac users these days are taking a look around and concluding “There goes the neighborhood.”

An informal survey of the Mac community conducted by Crazy Apple Rumors Site revealed that many feel that the influx of former Windows users has effectively cheapened the overall quality of the Macintosh experience.

“I was in an Apple Store yesterday and I was appalled at the quality of the customers, said the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg. “In the span of five minutes I saw a woman with an ‘I’m the best grandma!’ t-shirt and a grown man with one of those rat tails.

“Frankly, I didn’t even think these people were allowed on Fifth Avenue, let alone the Apple Store.”

But New York is not the only place members of the Mac community were expressing dismay at having to share their favorite platform with slack-jawed mouth breathers just bused in from Windows, USA. Users in Tennessee were likewise sickened.

“Is this the kind of people we want in the Macintosh community?” asked Shawn King of Your Mac Life. “With their polyester stretch pants and their mustaches and their minivans and their According to Jim fan fiction?

According to Jim fan fiction! I’ve seen it! It’s horrible! I mean, of course it’s horrible, it’s based on According to Jim! It has to be horrible by definition!”

Several law firms have expressed interest in starting a class action lawsuit against Apple to have the influx of former Windows users stopped before more damage is done.