Mac Users Don't Believe WWDC Leopard Screen Shots.

Despite the seemingly unimpeachable nature of the source, many Mac users believe that Steve Jobs’ Leopard presentation yesterday was nothing but a collection of cleverly Photoshoped images.

After a string of supposed Leopard screen shots were promulgated on the Internet prior to WWDC, many may be gun shy.

As soon as Apple posted the QuickTime stream of the WWDC keynote, Mac users noted some troubling details about the so-called “Leopard demos.”

Analyzing screen captures he had taken of Jobs’ demo of Spaces, Mac user Alex Johnson noted “There’s severe pixellation on the edge of every window. And the font kerning is all wrong.

“Here,” he said pointing at the screen with a Space Food Stick. “And here.”

“Now, sure, it could be because it’s a screen capture of an overloaded QuickTime stream. Or it could be because this is yet another phony collection of Photoshop creations intended to fool eager Mac users into thinking Apple is going to release features called ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Spaces.’

Wake up, sheeple!” Johnson shouted.

Then he angrily took a bite of the Space Food Stick.

Other Mac users went further than Johnson and speculated that Jobs himself may be a clever Photoshopping, pointing to the pronounced edge of his outline against the screen behind him.

“But I don’t just mean in the picture,” said Carl Stoller. “I mean all the time.

“Maybe I’ve just been burned too many times by Apple screen captures, but don’t you think Steve is just a little too good to be true?”

Apple representatives stood by the veracity of the screen images shown during the keynote.

But, under closer questioning, they did admit that Phil Schiller wasn’t really on a rollercoaster in the iChat demo.

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  1. “Speaking of fakery, Google Earth is a liberal propaganda ploy to convince everyone that our world is shaped like a ball, when in the Bible TImes the Greeks showed that it was flat.”

    Ace Deuce: perhaps, but no one believes what they read in the Bible Times. It’s kinda like the National Inquirer, ya know?

  2. I just watched the whole WWDC keynote, and I get the impression that OS X is catering more and more to hard core porn aficionados. First it was the little things… encrypted disk images, “reset cache” in Safari, Filevault…

    But now, it is clear where the engineer’s minds are at at Apple:

    The improved voice synthesizer? What else can that be for but for your computer to stand a better chance to “Get you in the mood” reading your iChat conversations out loud. I nearly got a woody just listening to it read the Apple legend.

    Time Machine? That is for getting back porn that you deleted when your wife caught you last week waxing the pony. “I’m sorry honey, I’ll never look at dirty, awful, nasty stuff like that again… here I’ll even put them in the trash and empty it! See?”

    Private browsing in Safari? Private browsing… yeah, right… lets just call it “porn mode.”

    Spotlight searching across the network? Booyah! Ted in accounting has new pig porn!

    Spaces? Here is my iPhoto porn space, here is my iMovie porn space, here is my iChat porn space…. ohh, and yeah, my “work” space to hide what I’m really up to in the other 3 spaces.

    iChat’s video overlay feature? C’MON! Now your just making fun of everyone who doesn’t get what 10.5 is really all about. Just label this release OS X Leotard, and include sultry sample videos of teens doing workouts so I can do unspeakable, shameful things to them nekkid in iCha… ohh… TMI.

    Umm… Can you turn around? I can’t finish while you’re watching.

  3. Wow, I somehow actually believe this post but I dont think it to be true.

    That’s why they call the site “Crazy”

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